Combat Zone 11

"Blood Brothers"


June 25, 2005

Club Lido

1290 North Shore Road

Revere, Massachusetts



Tickets for the MMA event are available at Combat Zone's website at:


Line up (not in fight order):

Fight 1

Mat Santos vs. James Meals


Fight 2

Justin Blasich vs. Aaron Acero


Fight 3

Bob Pupa vs. Lenny Magio


Fight 4

Bobby McMasters vs. Jesse Moreng


Fight 5

Jason Dublin vs. Curt Howard


Fight 6

Elias Revera vs. Roger Mejia


Fight 7

Mandella Kpouonu vs. Redclod Antquoe


Fight 8

Mike Littlefield vs. Marlon Sims


Fight 9

Carlos Neto vs. Richie Hightower


Fight 10

Mike Dexter vs. Mel Calabaca


Fight 11

Brian Olsen vs. Andy Montana


Fight 12

Leigh Macneil vs. Ray Elbe


Fight 13

Nuri Shakir vs. Greg Palamo


Fight 14

Richard Moskowitz vs. Eric Beaulieu




Card subject to change