HBO Championship Boxing Result

Jones Jr. vs. Johnson

September 25, 2004

Fedex Forum

Memphis , Tennessee  



IBF Light Heavyweight Title Bout (12 Rds)

Glengoffe Johnson (41-9-2, 28 KOs) wins by knockout at :48 of the ninth round over Roy Jones Jr. (49-2,

39 KOs) - Johnson retains title


Rd 1 - Johnson comes out hard at Jones - Throws lefts and rights - Jones covering well, starts to counter -

Johnson lands a few punches to Jones' face - Jones okay - Jones just covering up well - Jones throws a few

punches to keep Johnson off of him - Johnson continues with the pressure - Jones counters with left hook to

the body - Johnson starting to slow down - Jones lands two more heavy body shots to Johnson - Jones

landing body shots - round ends


Rd 2 - Both come out - Jones throws a left hook but blocked by Johnson - Johnson makes Jones back pedal

to the ropes - Johnson is being more cautious with his punches - Jones lands a few body shots as he back

pedals - both circling - Johnson pushing forward while Jones shows lateral movement and counters - no

major action - Johnson comes in - lands a few shots and they tie up - separated by ref - Jones looks

comfortable - Round ends


Rd 3 - (Johnson breathing heavy in his corner) - Johnson comes forward on Jones - lands a right but no

damage - Jones showing a lot of movement - Johnson still pushing the fight  - Jones just playing the

countering game  - Johnson has Jones against the ropes but it Jones getting the better of the exchange - 

Johnson lands a few shots to the face of Jones but it doesn't bother him - Jones looks really good against

the ropes - Jones landing an uppercut and a good jab as he counters - moving back - Johnson still

pressuring Jones - the round ends - crowd is cheering


Rd 4 - Johnson comes out pushing the fight , making Jones backpedal  - Johnson using his jab more -

pushing Jones back - Johnson now going to the body with his jab - Jones seems content to counter - 

Johnson lands a left hook, then a right and backs Jones on the ropes - lands a good right on Jones but

Jones looks fine -  Jones dodging punches well - round ends


Rd 5 - Johnson comes in on Jones - Johnson using the jab to take Jones to the ropes - Johnson looks to be

picking his shots - Jones showing movement well, using the entire ring - Johnson lands a good right - Jones

looks hurt - Johnson comes in to the body - Jones counters with some blows to the body - both trading

punches in the corner - Johnson lands a right to the face of Jones - Jones flurries on Johnson - Johnson still

putting pressure on Jones - Jones doing well countering - round ends


Rd 6 - Johnson comes out and starts to pressure Jones - Jones using entire ring to counter - Jones showing

good movement - no one really throwing punches - pace slowed down - Johnson still the stalker - Johnson

lands right hook to the body of Jones - Jones lands a good right to Johnson's face - Johnson okay - Johnson 

trying to use the jab to get to Jones - Johnson pushes Jones against the ropes and does a couple of one\

two combos to finish off the round.


Rd 7 - Johnson comes out moving forward - stalking Jones - lands a few body shots on Jones - Jones looks

to counter but isn't doing much - Johnson lands a good left as he chases Jones to the ropes - Jones giving

good lateral and head movement but isn't doing much - Jones throws a left hook that is partially blocked by

Johnson - Johnson has Jones in a corner - Johnson throws a few combos and steps back - doesn't give

Jones a chance to counter - Johnson pushing the fight - round ends


Rd 8 - Johnson, once again, comes out stalking Jones - Johnson keeping his distance so as not to give

Jones a chance to counter on him - Johnson throws a few jabs and moves away or ties Jones up - Johnson

looks to be fighting for a decision win - Jones doesn't look tired but isn't doing much - Johnson lands a left

and a right that score but they don't hurt Jones - round ends


Rd 9  - Johnson comes out moving forward - utilizing the jab to the body and face of Jones - Johnson lands a

left and a right that knockouts out Jones!!  Jones is out!!! For all the MMA fans, it was like Tank knocking out

Matua in the early UFC,  just not as bad. A right hook hits Jones right on the temple, pushes him forward

and the left hook lands on the shoulder that puts Jones on the mat.




- Johnson said that he's not the best but that he is willing to fight the best

- Jones suffered a concussion (the back of his head hit the mat)