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March 23, 2003

Soboba Casino, CA



Blow by Blow



Fight 1
Steve Renaud vs. Brent Wooten


They came to the center of the ring and right away they clinch, both men deliver a couple of short knees to

the side. Wooten pushes away and delivers a straight right but Renaud answers with his own right, they

circle for a few seconds and then Wooten delivers a roundhouse kick that lands. Renaud complains that it

was to low, the ref stops the action, after a few seconds they continue, they clinch again, this time Renaud

picks up Wooten and slams him. Wooten lands in full guard, after a few attempts on the arm bar that were

unsuccessful, Renaud gets the back of Wooten and goes for the rear naked choke but the bell rings.


Round 2 - They clinch again and go to the ground after a few seconds with Wooten on top. Renaud almost

gets an arm bar but Wooten pulls out.  Renaud reverses and gets the top position in the full guard.  He is

able to deliver some good short elbows and rights to the face of Wooten . Wooten lifts his legs high and

almost caught Renaud in a triangle but Renaud pushes Wooten and gets in the North South position and

starts delivering some hard rights to the side of Wooten’s body and also some short elbows to the head.

Then Renaud lifts up and delivers a hard hammer fist that lands right on Wootens face and puts him out.

The ref jumps in and stops the fight. Winner - Steve Renaud by TKO 

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