We were lucky enough to be invited to go down and mingle at the King of the Cage  Pay-Per-View Party on



 As soon as we walked in, we saw all the VIP's - King of the Cage Promoter Terry Triblecock, Dean Lister,

Javier "Showtime"  Vasquez, Larry "The Landlord" Landless, "The Enforcer" Brad Berrett, Mike

"The Rhino" Bourke and many others.


Everyone got together to watch the fights. 


Dean Lister was explaining, during his bout on TV, how he defeated his opponent. 


He mentioned that when he had his opponent in the armbar that he heard it crack at least 3 times before the

bell rang to save his opponent.


Ultimately, nothing could save his opponent from a well sunk-in Triangle choke. 


All through out the matches, people cheered and reminisced about what was taking place before their eyes.

A fun time was had by all.


 We would like to Thank Terry Triblecock for his Hospitality. Here are a few pictures we took. We hope you

like them.



Dean Lister and Diana


Enjoying the show


TFG's Good Friend Brad Berret


TFG's Good Friend Larry Landless


Let us eat in peace guys