Pinnacle Short Recap

December 6, 2003

Soboba Casino 

San Jacinto, CA 


It was a great event with some really good fights. My hats off to Shad Smith and Victor Valenzuela who

put on the fight of the night (one of the best fights I’ve seen in a long time). Great action back and forth. And

the two fights everyone wanted to see didn’t disappoint. Larry Landless came in sporting a new hair color

and showed his skills on his way to victory over a game opponent. Landless impressed many people by

showing them he’s just not a wrestler. Horn vs. Lister was back and forth with both showing tremendous

heart and skill. Because of unforeseen circumstances, I'm only going to be able to recap two fights -

Landless vs. Castelloni and Horn vs. Lister:



 Larry Landless vs. Paul Castelloni





The introductions begin - Castelloni enters the cage - then Larry Landless takes a trip around the cage,

cheering the crowd on while giving people high fives as he went by - But as he entered the cage, he was all

business. Castelloni weighed over 250 lbs. with a power lifter body - the fight begins - Larry comes in and

throws a right low Thai kick to the leg but it doesn’t do any harm - Larry starts circling to his left avoiding a

right punch - After a full circle around the ring, Larry throws a low left Thai kick to the inside thigh that sends

his opponent off balance and back against the cage - Larry rushes in with a jumping front kick and just

misses ( a little low). Larry clinches with the guy and is able to hold him against the cage - Castelloni is

able to deliver a couple of right punches to Larry’s face while in the clinch and then a couple of punches to

the body before the ref breaks them up - They restart – Larry uses his jab to try to find his punching range –

But just when you think Larry’s about to punch, he clinches and pushes Castelloni to the cage – Castelloni

tries to deliver a couple of right hands but Larry has him clinched pretty tight - Larry, in the clinch, delivers a

low knee to the high inside thigh – The ref starts to talk to Larry about keeping the knees higher or lower – It

looks like Castelloni is complaining to the ref about the knee being a low blow – the ref breaks them apart –

as the ref is doing that, Castelloni pushes Larry away – They go back at it again – Castelloni rushes in

throwing a right hook but Larry ducks and moves away – As they circle the ring – Larry throws a high kick

to the head that barely misses Castelloni -  As they go back and forth, Larry throws another low Thai kick to

the leg – This time, Castelloni counters with a right and a left and another right – and as Larry moves back,

he sees a wild right that totally misses him – upon moving back, Larry then moves forward and throws a

spinning heel kick – Castelloni ducks down and covers but the kick lands on Castelloni's left tricep / bicep –

Larry then clinches to avoid a takedown – Castelloni then looks to be talking to the ref but I couldn’t hear

what he was saying – At this time, Castelloni ducks down and Larry goes for a guillotine but pulls him down

instead with his left arm around his head and his right arm tucked underneath Castelloni's left armpit.

Castelloni goes down and Larry circles to get his back – at the same time, Larry has his left arm

underneath Castelloni's neck and starts applying pressure (cranking the neck up and applying pressure to

the throat). Paul taps - Larry Landless wins by first round submission



 Jeremy Horn vs. Dean Lister





The main event – As they came in, Horn seemed the more relaxed of the two – Horn comes out throwing a

left jab – Lister counters with a right Thai kick to the head – They both miss – As Horn come in again with

punches, Lister goes for a double leg and brings Horn down – Horn right away gets in the half-guard and

starts delivering left punches to Lister's right side of the body – After being in the half-guard for awhile, Horn

is able to get the full guard but Lister is able to put Horn's left hand underneath his back – Lister starts

delivering right punches to Horn's face – no damage – All of a sudden, Horn gets what looks to be a tight

triangle choke – To Lister's credit, he is able to hold off the triangle and slam Horn – not a hard slam but

enough to make Horn let go – Lister circles to Horn's back and gets both hooks in after a short struggle –

Lister attempts to get a rear naked choke - Horn defends well - Horn reverses the position and brings Lister

to his back – now it’s Horn on the top and Lister now using his  open guard – At this time, Lister is bleeding

all over the place from the top of his head – It seems that when he slammed Horn, somehow he cut himself

on Horn’s heel – Ref asks Lister if he's okays - Lister responds verbally that he’s okay and by holding Horn

tight – Ref still stops the fight to check the cut – The fight is restarted in the same position – After a short

struggle on the ground, the bell rings.


RD 2 

Horn comes in - Lister delivers an outside roundhouse kick to the thigh – Horns smiles at the kick, then

counters with a right punch – Lister goes for the double leg and Horn defends – Lister is then able to pull

Horn into his guard – After a struggle on the ground, Horn is able to get the full mount and then decides to

stand-up and pull away – Then Horn comes back down with a left hand to Lister's face – Once again, Horn

is in Lister's open guard – They eventually get back on their feet with Lister pushing Horn against the cage

and delivering a left and a right punch – Lister then goes for a single leg and takes Horn down but Horn

bounces right back up – Lister, still holding the single leg, is able to take Horn back down – This time Horn

is playing the open guard – Now it gets interesting – Lister makes a move to get the side mount - Horn pulls

away but leaves his neck exposed – Lister right away goes for the guillotine choke but Horn right away rolls

to his back to avoid the choke – Lister is still holding a half-guillotine (only one hand in) – Lister rolls Horn

over (Horn does a summersault over Lister) trying to create pressure on Horns neck to submit him – Horn

does a great job of staying side ways to avoid the guillotine and slowly but surely pulls out of it – Horn goes

back to playing open guard – While in the guard, Horn is able to deliver a couple of punches as well as

Lister but none of the punches did any damage – Bell rings


RD 3

Both come out throwing jabs – Lister throws a left Thai kick to the head but Horn blocks it – Lister tries to

kick Horn but goes down to his own back, tempting Horn to come down – Horn pulls away and motions

Lister to get back up – They stand - After another Thai kick, Lister goes for another single leg takedown –

Horn sprawls and takes Lister down – Horn has the side mount with Lister trying to pull guard – After a short

struggle on the ground, Horn is able to maneuver himself to the other side of Lister's body and delivers a

couple of good knees to Lister's head and face – after a short struggle, Horn pulls up and away – Horn now

motions Lister to stand-up – Lister stands – both fighters throw punches – Horn throws a kick to Lister’s

head that barely misses – Horn then comes in with a couple of punches and Lister right away goes for the

takedown but Horn defends and puts Lister on his back – Horn is able to get side-mount – Lister then gets

full guard but then Horn counters and regains side-mount – after a short struggle, the ref stands them up –

Horn comes at Lister – Lister delivers a low Thai kick to the leg – Lister clinches and brings Horn down into

his half-guard – bell rings as Horn delivers body punches



RD 4

By this time, Horn looks to be the fresher of the two – Lister delivers a straight right that catches Horn in the

face – Horn comes back with his own right – Lister then goes to the mat to avoid any further punches –

Horn pulls back and Lister is stood-up by the ref – Horn blocks a high kick to the head and keeps coming

forward – Lister looks exhausted – Lister throws a high front kick but falls back – Horn pulls away and Lister

stands back up – Horn comes forward and Lister throws a right cross that is blocked – after a few

exchanges form both fighters, Horn comes in with a kick as Lister is going for the leg takedown – Horn

catches Lister right on the arms with the kick and the force of the kick sends Lister back against the cage –

Horn comes in a with a straight right that lands on Lister’s face – Lister right away tries for a single leg –

Horn is able to escape and counter with punches – As they circle the ring, Horn lands a low Thai kick right

behind Lister’s left knee - Horn comes in with punches and Lister goes to his back – Once again, Lister

plays the half-guard – Horn is able to deliver a couple of good punches before they are forced to stand back

up – Horn blocks another left kick to the head – They clinch and then Lister lands a right punch - Then

follows it up with a right elbow to Horn’s face – Horn slaps his own face to say it’s okay – Horn comes back

with his own left, right, left punch combo then follows it up with a kick – As Lister throws a left kick, Horn

grabs it and takes him down – Horn is able to pull away and stand-up – But right away, Lister grabs for the

double leg and takes Horn down – Lister delivers a couple of short elbows while in Horn’s open guard –

Lister goes on the offensive throwing short punches and elbows that land but not causing much damage –

Horn is able to push away and tries to stand-up and reverses that position – Horn is now in the side mount –

with 10 seconds left in the round, both fighters start delivering punches at each other until the round ends –

Horn looks to have just edged out Lister for the win - Horn wins by majority decision



Congratulations to Larry Landless and all the fighters who did a great job tonight. 


Till next time,



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