KOTC 33: After Shock Results


February 20, 2004

Soboba Casino

San Jacinto, CA 



Dave Rivas was scheduled to fight Bobby Gamboa for the vacant Bantamweight title but Rivas did not

make weight. Charlie Valencia (who relinquished the bantamweight title) stepped up and took the fight for



Fight 1

Wander Braga wins by submission (arm bar/verbal tap) at 1:14 of first round over Jason Cleveland -

Note: Cleveland says he didn't verbally tap 


Fight 2

Randy Velarde wins by first round submission (strikes from the mount) over Bryson Vanderboard (sp?) -

Incredible fight with action going back and forth until Velarde won late in the first.


Fight 3

Larry Landless wins by first round submission (rear naked choke) over Tony Berg - Exciting fight


Fight 4

Thomas Kenny wins by first round submission (American lock) over Ray Elbe - Elbe looks to be in pain 


Fight 5

Brian Sesma wins by TKO (ref stoppage - strikes from mount) over Brian Pardoe at 2:27 of the first round


Fight 6 

Chad Davis wins by submission (Triangle choke) at 1:47 of second round over Mike Seal - Seal passed

out and was out for a bit but was revived - Incredible fight - Great exchanges on top and on the ground 


Fight 7

Brian Foster wins by first round submission (Rear naked choke) over Dustin Ardin


Fight 8 

Romie Aram wins a two round decision over Michael Penalber - Fight started off slow but turned into

a good fight - According to our reporter Al at ringside, Romie actually knocked the guy out with a left but

followed him to the ground throwing punches and the subsequent punches revived him and Penalber went

right into the guard. As round two progressed, Romie again put Penalber on the mat with a straight right

but the round ended. 


Fight 9 

Thomas "Wildman" Denny wins by submission (Triangle choke ) over Jake Gomez at 2:15 of the first

round - Gomez was penalized a point for striking Denny on the back of the neck (three elbow shots)


Fight 10 - Bantamweight Title Bout 

Charlie Valencia wins a three round decision over Bobby Gamboa  - Valencia keeps his title - - Round 1

- Both exchanging on top, Charlie landing some good punches to the face of Gamboa - About to start round

two - It looks like both took a break in round two - a couple of exchanges but Gamboa landed a decent shot

on Valencia at the end of the round. Round three about to start - The third round went similar to the second

with some exchanges but at the end of the round, Valencia was able to take Gamboa down and punch him

until the round ended (although Gamboa was in the full guard)


Fight 11 

Dan Severn and "Scary" Jerry Verbonivic battle to a majority draw (Crowd thinks "Scary" Jerry won) -

Most of round one saw Jerry on top of Dan - Although when the ref stood them up, Severn tripped and fell to

the mat, he motioned Jerry to come down, Jerry flipped him off and signaled with his finger for him to get

back up - Round two - Jerry goes for a double leg and Severn just falls on him with all his weight and Jerry

takes a full facial to the mat but recuperates 


Fight 12 

Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett wins by knock out at 40 seconds of the first round over Shad Smith -

Crazy fight - As the round started, Bennett jumps on top of the cage and waves to Smith to come and get

him - The ref having none of that brings him down and Bennett was all business from there - He comes in

throwing punches and tags Smith and the ref steps in and pulls Bennett off as Smith was out of it - After the

fight, Bennett jumps on top of the cage and does a back flip to the center of the ring


Fight 13 - Lightweight Title Bout

Joe Stevenson wins by submission (Rear naked choke) over Joe Camacho at 4:36 of round two -

Stevenson keeps his title - Round two saw a lot of good action until Camacho gave his back and Stevenson

capitalized with a RNC - Round 1 saw good exchanges on top - toward the end of the first round, Stevenson

took Camacho down and landed a couple of elbows to the face of Camacho as the bell rang - Camacho

looked a little dazed


Fight 14

Richard Solis wins by two round decision over Carlos Garcia - Both exchange on top and on the ground

but as the round ends, Solis is able to get like a triangle from the mount and punch away at Garcia until the

bell rang. Round two starting...Both fighters are really good - while on the ground, Garcia started to scream

he's biting my ear, he's biting my ear but it was so loud, no one heard him - they kept fighting until the end

of the round - they are discussing what happened with Garcia right now - Goes to a decision


Fight 15

Matt Stansell wins by TKO (Strikes) at 3:22 of the first round over Logan Layton - Layton was on his

stomach while Stansell had his hooks in and stretched him out and started to punch until the ref stepped in


Fight 16

Omar Luv wins by first round TKO over Gus Ambrozic - Luv peppered Ambrozic with Thai Kicks to the

thigh until Ambrozic collapsed and the ref stepped in to stop the fight - Ambrozic's thigh is very swollen


Fight 17

Dale Breese wins by TKO (punches from the mount) at 35 seconds of the first round over Cesar Moreno


Fight 18

Manny Tapia and Chad Washburn battled to a majority draw (People in attendance think Tapia won)



In attendance - Bas RuttenDan Henderson, Dean Lister, and Tito Ortiz



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