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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Soboba Casino

San Jacinto, California



Unfortunately, we had to leave after the 13th fight but luckily, Krazy Mike helped us out and gave us the

results of fight 14 though 19. TheFightGame.tv would like to Thank Krazy Mike for all his help.



We've just added many new photo's to the fight gallery thanks to Krazy Mike (except for fights 6, 7 & 13)

including the addition of fights 14 through 16. Unfortunately, we don't have any for the last three fights. We

apologize for any inconvenience. To make it easy to view the new photographs, all new pictures are stamped

with "Krazy Mike." TheFightGame.tv would like to Thank Krazy Mike once again for all his help and hard



Once you've clicked on a link - to see the pictures full size, just click on the picture 


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Fight 1 - Ray Lazama vs. Richard Villa

Fight 2 - Joe Frainee vs. Mike Guymon

Fight 3 - Russ Muira vs. Abe Hiroyuki

Fight 4 - Robert Emerson vs. Randy Velarde

Fight 5 - Shonie Carter vs. John Kronk

Fight 6 - Anthony Ruiz vs. Brian Sesma

Fight 7 - Will Scott vs. Cal Worsham

Fight 8 - Dave Hisquierdo vs. Charles Bennett

Fight 9 - Jerry Verbonivich  vs. Kadillac Marshbanks

Fight 10 - Uriah Faber vs. Eban Kaneshiro

Fight 11 - Charlie Kohler  vs. Takumi Nakayama

Fight 12 - James Fanshier vs. Thomas Denny

Fight 13 - Bo Cantrell vs. Paul Buentello

Fight 14 - Frankie Bollinger vs. Billy Thompson

Fight 15 - Fernando Gonzalez vs. Reggie Orr

Fight 16 - Frank Guerrero vs. Robert Breslin

Fight 17 - Sost Infante vs. Joes Ramirez

Fight 18 - Jeff Clark vs. Tony Llamas

Fight 19 - Alex Rickards vs. Paul Karsky


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