"The Bad Boy" from Denmark


Lars Besand Interview




Sometimes you meet people and you know right away you're going to like them. Lars Besand is one of

those people. His wit and sense of humor plus friendliness makes you feel like you've been old friends for

years and years. It's a credit to his character. Lars is also one accomplished fighter - Ultimate Combat

super fight champion and Danish heavyweight Shootfighting champion. We were very fortunate to

have Lars put some time aside for us to answer some questions we shot off to him during his very busy

schedule. For those of you not familiar with internet lingo, here's a quick cheat sheet:


lol = laughing out loud

*s* = smile

rofl = rolling on the floor laughing


TFG.tv: Lars, tell us a little about yourself for those who may not have had the chance to become familiar with you..


LB: Okeidookii.. let me see.. hmm.. Born in the town called Skagen, in Denmark! Nice little town - friendly

people - and cool beaches in the summer! Married to Susanne, with whom I have 2 fantastic children -

Lrke (3 years) & Nanna (6 years) - and they mean worlds to me!! I usually, fight in the minus 84 kg [ 185

lbs] weight class (I think its called middleweight - according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission) - I

started out a HEAVYweight *lol*  When I started fighting, I weighed about 119 kg [ 262 lbs.] !!!! I was

Huuuuge *s* ... My nickname .. Bad Boy.. hehe.. for those whove seen me fight - it makes sense.. as,

outside the cage - Im very friendly and talkative.. and inside the cage - Im, just plain, bad .. hehe.. but in a

good way *LOL*



TFG.tv: How's the MMA scene there?


LB: In Scandinavia, it's prospering alot - mainly thank to a few really hardworking guys - and among them,

my mentor August Walln - president of Shootfighting International. Hes worked so hard, for mma and

shootfighting to be accepted in Scandinavia and Europe - and is Succeeding!!  In Denmark, the major mma

organization is Shootfighting Denmark, (affiliated with Shootfighting International) which is run by Carl Otto

Knudsen - one of the pioneers of Danish MMA! And, still the government in Denmark, is a little wary of

mma -  even though weve proved on many occasions that we are, serious, honest and hardworking athletes

- and NOT some bum fight clones *lol* But, we are getting more and more accepted - day by day. which is

very cool.. as alot of the fighters work really hard for it!  



TFG.tv: How did you get started in Martial Arts ?


LB: Hehe.. I think, basically, like all other young dudes out there... Saw all the Ninja Master, Bruce Lee &

Kung Fu movies - at a very young age... and started out, at the nearest deadly martial art gym - The Skagen

Shotokan Karate gym.... hehe.. I actually showed up in a black Gi on the first day *rofl* imagine the

sensei's reaction!!!  



Lars at European Vale Tudo against Scott Ireland



TFG.tv: Who has been an influence on you?


LB: Well to begin with, My Father - for not making me a wuss *lol* And, martial arts wise -definitely August

Wallen And Carl Otto Knudsen - their technical expertise has improved my game immensely!! And,

August is by far the best trainer/teacher any mma student could want - hes always as a

teacher / trainer / fighter / mma-fan, evolving - never being stuck in one place!! Which is great for us - his




TFG.tv: What's your favorite part of Martial Arts?


LB: The Friends I get around the world - people in mma are above all, the friendliest people around!! Even

the fighters Im matched up against - always willing to talk and exchange ideas and stuff.. and - for me

- a close second place - must be the competing part - that really gets me going!!



TFG.tv: How did you make the transition into MMA?


LB: After having studied WTF Tae kwon do for 10 years and more..  getting the 2nd Dan. I started out trying

different things at seminars - and Id only heard of ultimate fighting at that point... and somehow, I stumbled

across Shootfighting in Aalborg, Denmark - and I attended a seminar with August Wallen - And BANG, I

was hooked - that was it - No looking back!! No Remorse - it got my attention 110%!!  



Getting his kicks with Pierre Guillet!!



TFG.tv: What's your training / schedule like?


LB: Hehe.. hard, I think *lol* basically, as a pro fighter in Denmark, I can't make a living out of it.. and thus,

I got to have a full time job on the side to support my fantastic family.. so, I usually get up very early,

around 4.30 or 5 in the morning.. do my cardio/strength programs.. go to work from 7 to 15 [3pm] - pick up

the kids.. chill out with them... go to training at 18 oclock [6pm] - come home around 22.00 [10pm] ..and

tadaaa, fall asleep *lol*



TFG.tv: How does your family feel about you stepping into the ring?


LB: In the beginning, my wife was a little anxious, but now she knows how much it means to me - and

shes seen that, mma is a fairly harmless sport! which she actually enjoys seeing - both live and on the tv!



TFG.tv: What are some of the events you've participated in.


LB: Recently, I fought on some of the best shows in Europe, Ultimate Combat www.mlsports.co.uk and, on

the same fight card as the mighty Guy Mezger www.guymezger.com and Travis Lutter, at the event called

European Vale Tudo  www.europeanvaletudo.com - I won both my fights via GNP!  [ground and pound]




Lars vs. Sol   

TFG.tv: If you could fight in any organization tomorrow, which would it be and why?


LB: Hmm...difficult one.. but I would have to be realistic.. and say, Shooto in Japan - and Hook N Shoot in

the U.S. - both shows have VERY talented and very high technical level fighters!! Much respect to them..

but yes, would love to go to Japan and fight..  I think I would do alright down there!



TFG.tv: Who's been you toughest opponent to date?


LB: Sol "Zero Tolerance" Gilbert - a war @ ultimate combat 4 - pheww.. we fought to a draw.. and after

that, I radically changed the way I train and live as a fighter!!



TFG.tv: Who would you like to fight?


LB: Hmm.. someone famous *lol* I don't really know... time will tell.. *s*



TFG.tv: If you could make a match between any two fighters in the world, who would they be and why and

who's your favorite fighter?


LB: Oh, in my little fantasy world - it would have to be "El Guapo" [Bas Rutten] vs. "The Axe Murderer"

[Wanderlei Silva]!!! These two and Jerome LeBanner are above all my biggest heros in the fightgame!!



TFG.tv: Which MMA events do you like to watch?


LB: Well, UFC off course and Pride.. and, closely, Shooto Japan, hook n shoot - and IVC *S*  



Meneghal vs. Besand


TFG.tv: What would you like to see happen with MMA throughout the world.


LB: I would love to see mma get the respect it deserves - both for the fighters, the game - everything! As we

are some of the hardest working athletes out there I think!!



TFG.tv: What's something that people would be surprised to learn about you?


LB: .Hmm... difficult one.. maybe, that I once had hair all the way down to my bottom *lol* and loved Black

Metal.. but, I still like hardcore music today!! I thrive on it!!



TFG.tv: What's next for you?


LB: To evolve into a super fighting machine *rofl* no, just to get better at my game.. and hopefully, compete

all over Europe.. and, maybe some kind of world title this year.. but the future has yet to reveal itself.. but,

Denmark - Im coming soon to fight in a big city :)



TFG.tv: Is there anyone you would like to thank for their support ?


LB: ... Alot of people have supported me along the way... - I would like to thank August Wallen & Marko

Ervasti, my mentors in Shootfighting; for all of their wisdom and teaching skills!! Carl Otto Knudsen - for

bringing MMA a step further up the ladder in Scandinavia!! Kim Hovgaard and All of the Guys @ lborg

Submission Fighting for being so nice and friendly @ all of our cozy sparring sessions!  Dale Addams,

CSP, and Team Ultimate Combat! SWS 4 Life! All of the Craze peemps on Martial Arts.dk - Reeeespect!!

S.h.o.o.t. Spain - cool dudes and hardcore fighters!!  SPRAWL, FAIRTEX,  - for making sure I look the

Business!! Tue Trnka - for his great work for Danish mma!! Team Warriors - for their loving support!! Skagen

Fight Gym - Thomas Hinrichsen and all of the others - I respect you all soo much!!  And, lastly, to all my

fans *s* and all of your emails .. great stuff!!!


and.. oh..be sure to visit our new site www.skagenfightgym.dk  - which will be online shortly!!!  



  Together with Andy Foreman and Kim "Hardcore" Hovgaard!


TFG.tv: Thank You for your time.


LB: No , Thank you for the interview - always great to help the Viking Spirit out into the world!!



TheFightGame.tv would like to thank Mr. Besand once again for his time in answering our questions and for

letting us use his pictures for this interview. We hope we get the pleasure to see you fight here in the



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