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CHANGE - Submission Factory Pancrase interviews

We had originally planned to post some of the interviews we did at the Beginners Pancrase event on'

Tuesday but decided to change it to Wednesday. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



King of the Cage

While we are at the Submission Factory Pancrase tournament on Sunday, we got a chance to speak

with KOTC 33 winner Thomas Kenney from DalaO Jiu-Jitsu and he tells us that he will be fighting on the

next KOTC PPV card on June 12th against Jorge Periera




Sportsnavi is reporting that Hidehiko Yoshida has decided not  to participate in the PRIDE heavyweight GP.

Also,  it looks like PRIDE will be looking to expand into South Korea with a show next year.




Below is a press release issued by the WBC that we feel everyone should read simply because most people

wouldn't have expected such a thing from a boxing organization. BIG PROPS to the WBC for doing what's

right and taking care of the fighters!


"JOSE SULAIMAN,  President of the WBC, issued a recommendation to the governmental authorities of

Indonesia to suspend professional boxing matches in that country  (Indonesia) until the time their boxers are

submitted to thorough complete medical examinations to the most up to date and modern medical

standards. Indonesia was also requested to investigate promoters, commissioners, managers and all those

people involved in bouts where fatal accidents have occurred.


The first fighter to die was 21-year old Antonious Moses Seram, after many days in comma resulting from

the KO he suffered in his fight against Thai Kaichon Sow Voraphin in Jakarta.


The second death occurred on February 19 when Indonesian boxer Jack Ryan, 23 years old, passed away

after his defeat by TKO to Syumasul Hidayat; the bout also took place in Jakarta.


The recommendation says that professional boxing activity should resume when all medical exams have

been approved by an specialized Medical Board and the correct rating of all boxes in order to impede

dangerous mismatches.


The World Boxing Council sent the Indonesian Government and its Sports Ministry a proposal for the

immediate implementation of protective medical measures and also to send doctors and referees to

establish a technical and medical instructional program, but no answer has been received yet. The WBC

appointed Messrs. Chandru Lalwani, of Indonesia and Frank Quill from Australia.


Jose Sulaiman recommended also immediate medical intervention to detect the existence of APOE4 (the

Apolipoprotein that creates proclivity to certain illnesses such as Alzheimers), on the basis of strong rumors

holding that Indonesian people exhibit this factor which could  place local boxers at a disadvantage."






The WBA is reporting that two new title bouts have been scheduled for June 4, 2004 at the Ariake Coliseum

in Tokyo, Japan.


WBA Featherweight Title Bout (12 Rds)

Champ Chris John (33-0, 19 KOs) vs. Osamu Sato (27-2-3, 16 KOs),


WBA Flyweight title Bout

Champ Lorenzo Parra (22-0, 17 KOs) vs. Takefumi Sakata (22-1-1, 9 KOs)




Sportsnavi is also reporting that former undisputed heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson will be making

his debut for K-1 sometime in the summer (possibly July or August).




Card/Dates subject to change