"Lord of the Ring!"


October 24, 2004 

Tangaloo Club

Tijuana, Mexico



Reto Maximo puts out another Great show - That’s the only way to sum up the event. With a packed house

and the ring girls keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats, our first time at the Tangaloo Night Club was

exciting to say the least. With such notables as American Top Team (ATT) member and UFC veteran Aaron

Riley, 10th Planet’s Eddie Bravo, UFC veteran Todd Medina, and our very own Rick Lucero, along with

referee extraordinaire Larry "The Landlord" Landless keeping house, the show was ready to rock-and-roll

(and yes, we stole that from Larry).


The pre-show showcased something you don’t see often - a fire-dance that mesmerized everyone in

attendance. Very impressive.


The show then started out with a bang,  with a 10 second knockout by Von Brereton over Ivan



Continuing the excitement, Stacy Hakes delivered a round-house kick that missed but then followed it up

with a spinning 360 that connected to the mid-section, sending his opponent, Angel Santibáñez, through

the ropes with his body half-way off the ring knocking him out cold. 


The Gabe Rivas vs. Tim Carey bout was a war. These guys had the crowd worked up.


Another great bout saw ATT member Greg Bell and San Diego Bull Pen member Cedric Marks (cornered

by three-time adversary Mike Seal) battle for three rounds that led to Marks winning a decision but also

fracturing his hand in the process. Bell ended up with several stitches over his eyebrow.


Rick Lucero’s FightworX team member Don Rocco submitted Josh Tamsen in 28 seconds of the first

round with a rear naked choke. Tamsen, unhappy with his performance, challenged anyone in attendance

195lbs and above to a special challenge bout. As Mike Seal walked over to the ring, the crowd went wild,

anticipating Seal would accept his challenge. Unfortunately, Seal wasn’t prepared to fight at the moment but

did say he would be happy to face Thompson at the next Reto Maximo. Well, somebody did accept

Tamsen's challenge at the last minute but it was only to be submission grappling match. Mexico’s own

Enrique Luna stepped up and agreed to a one round, four minute bout – but he only needed 1:29 of the

round to submit Tamsen with another rear naked choke.  


It was great to see all the fighters respecting each other in and out of the ring – Much respect to all. If you

haven't been to a Tony Perez event yet, you need to go - whether it's Reto Maximo or the Crown Fighting

Championship, Tony knows how to throw a class event. would like to Thank Tony Perez and All his crew for their great hospitality.


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ATT member Aaron Riley signing one of our hats we'll

be giving away shortly

Larry Landless with

10th Planet's Eddie Bravo

Pre-Fight meeting

Pre-Fight meeting

A Beautiful Ring Girl

Fire Dancers

Fire Dancers

A Beautiful Ring Girl

Tangaloo Night Club

A Beautiful Ring Girl

Bronze 2004 Thailand Champion Brenda Lopez, Fight WorX's Rick Lucero, and

UFC veteran Aaron Riley

A Beautiful Ring Girl



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