"Lord of the Ring!"

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October 24, 2004 

Tangaloo Club

Tijuana, Mexico



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Recap of event with small gallery


Fight 1 - Von Brereton vs. Ivan Santibáñez

Fight 2 - Ed Grubbs vs. Scotty Merrit

Fight 3 - Dave Maize vs. Joel Luis

Fight 4 - Hector Figueroa vs. Henry Salas

Fight 5 - Stacy Hakes vs. Angel Santibáñez

Fight 6  - Don Rocco vs. Josh Tamsen

Fight 7 -  Tim Carey vs. Gabe Rivas

Fight 8 -  Greg Bell vs. Cedric Marks

Fight 9 -  Enrique Luna vs. Josh Thompson

Fight 10 - Jason Chambers vs. Emmett Olvera


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