Shooto Update

January 29, 2005

Korakuen Hall

Tokyo, Japan



Shooto has updated their card for their January 29th event to take place at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Previously announced, light heavyweight champion Masanori Suda and bantamweight champion Mamoru

are scheduled to participate on the card along with the final of the Pacific Rim welterweight tournament

featuring Ryan Bow going up against Koutetsu Boku.


Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - Pacific Rim Welterweight Tournament Final (3 Rds)

Ryan Bow vs. Koutetsu Boku


Fight 2 - Light Heavyweight Bout (3 Rds)

Masanori Suda vs. TBA


Fight 3 - Bantamweight Bout (3 Rds)

Mamoru vs. Junji Ikoma


Fight 4 - Middleweight Bout (2 Rds) - added

Keith Wisniewski vs. Shinya Aoki


Fight 5 - Bantamweight Bout (2 Rds) - added

Daiji Takahashi vs. BJ


Fight 6 - Cruiserweight Bout (2 Rds) - added

Masaya Inoue vs. Riki Fukuda


Fight 7 - 2005 Lightweight Rookie Tournament Bout (2 Rds) - added

Kyoutarou Nakao vs. Sakae Kasuya




Card subject to change