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January 29, 2005

Baby Rock

Tijuana, B.C. (Mexico)



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Fight 1 - Tom Atencio vs. David Martinez

Fight 2 - Troy Mandaloniz vs. Issac Peralta

Fight 3 - Charles Diaz vs. Ivan Reyes

Fight 4 - Josue vs. Shannon Gugherty

Fight 5 - Victor Yanez vs. Brian Faulk

Fight 6 - Justin Berkley vs. Jonah Contreras

Fight 7 -  Cub Swanson vs. Martin Batista

Fight 8 -  Eddie Sanchez vs. Tony Towers

Fight 9 -  Erik Apple vs. Stacy Hakes

Fight 10 - Kendall Grove vs. Matt Hendricks

Fight 11 - Josh Tamsen vs. Edwin Aquilar

Fight 12 - Justin Levens vs. Eber Saucido


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