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October 12, 2003

Upland Arena

Upland, CA


It was a packed house filled with action on a cool Sunday evening. In attendance were such notables as

"Judo" Gene Lebell, Joe Moreira, Gokor Chivichyan, Rick Lucero, Rigan Machado, Javier Vasquez,

Joe Camacho, John Alessio, Karo Parisyian and the TAPOUT crew.


Between rounds, Geo Cordera put on a fabulous display of freestyle demo's which include a Kama weapons

form. Also, between fights two and three, A special salute to Gene Lebell was performed - It was his



Happy Birthday Mr. Lebell !


And the crowd went wild for the Budweiser girls, Lupita and Michelle.


A good time was had by all.





From the left: Joe Moreira, Gene Lebell, Gokor Chivichyan, Rick Lucero, Javier Vasquez and in the back, Don Rocco

The Budweiser girls - Lupita and Michelle

The TAPOUT crew with AL

Karo Parisyian



The guys from Submission Company



Antonio McKee


Mckee in action

Ready for the slam

Mckee by decision


James Wilks

James Wilks congratulated

by Joe Moreira



Lodune Ki Sincaid



Reggie Orr

Don Rocco in action



Don Rocco working the mount


Mark Smith

Against the cage


Mou Siliga


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