UFC 47 Predictions



April 2, 2004

Mandalay Bay Events Center - 7pm

 Las Vegas, Nevada



With the last minute changes made to the line-up, UFC 47 is shaping up to be one interesting event.


Fight 1 - Lightweight Bout

Mike Brown (9-1-0) vs. Genki Sudo (8-3-1)

This fight will go past the first round -  that will give Sudo just enough time to measure out Brown and catch

him in a submission - more than likely, a choke. If Brown wants to win, he has to catch Sudo early with

punches and not let up - keep punching until the ref stops the fight. But I don't see that happening. Sudo

caught the mammoth pro-boxer Butterbean in a heel hook so as far as I'm concerned, he can do anything

he wants...sort of...Anyway - Sudo winner by second round submission.


Fight 2 - Lightweight Bout

Yves Edwards (22-8-1) vs. Hermes Franca (8-1-0)

Edwards will take this one in the first round by TKO from punches - Yup, I know but it's what I think. Franca

is not going to be able to take Edwards down  - Edwards will be cautious but he will be striking and he'll

catch Franca with numerous strikes until the ref stops the fight. In order for Franca to win, he must commit

to a few punches and make Edwards charge forward before he attempts to take him down. Once he gets

Edwards on the ground, he must strike with with punches and short elbows until the ref stops the fight in his

favor. But I don't see it  - Edward by first round TKO.


Fight 3 - Welterweight Bout

Chris Lytle (26-10-4) vs. Tiki Ghosn (9-3-0)

Tiki will push the fight and take it to Lytle - Lytle with the more experience will be able to counter Tiki

needs to keep his hands up though, and not get caught because he does drops his hands. Tiki also needs

to throw straight front kicks as Lytle is coming in, either to the mid-section or go up high to the face - this

will make Lytle think twice before coming in again. It should be a pretty decent bout. No shock - it will go to

the judges and Lytle will win the decision.


Fight 4 - Welterweight Bout

Robbie Lawler (8-1-0) vs. Nick Diaz (8-2-0)

This is going to be a great fight - puncher vs. grappler - Lawler from the Miletich camp and Diaz from the

Cesar Gracie camp -  Lawler has had some great matches in the past but Diaz is no slouch himself. I

see this fight going the distance after both fighters giving it their best and both of them at one time or

another almost being out whether through punches or near submissions. Lawler will do just enough to win

the decision.


Fight 5 - Heavyweight Bout

Jonathon Wiezorek (5-0-0) vs. Wade Shipp (6-1-0)

Wade Ship has been looking really good in his last couple of bouts and this time he needs a win to show

that he belong in the big leagues. Ship will be cautious at first, trying to avoid takedowns, through the first

round or so but when he gets his timing down, he'll let it all go. Wiezorek maybe undefeated but Shipp is no

stranger to the ground game which seems to be Wiezorek bread and butter. I think Shipp will be able to

overpower Wiezorek on top and win by Knockout in the early part of the second round. Now, to play devil's

advocate, If Wiezorek is to win, he has to take Ship down and keep him there and soften him up for a

submission or pound him enough throughout the fight and take a decision.


Fight 6 - Heavyweight Bout

Wes Sims  vs. Mike Kyle (10-2)

I am going against my better judgment and will give this one to Kyle. Kyle is a very heavy hitter although

Sims has the height and reach advantage. Sims cannot let Kyle in, he has to keep him at bay with his reach

and try so score a KO in the second round but from a distance. I don't see that happening and  I think Kyle

will find a way to get in and nail Sims right on the jaw and send down and out. Kyle winner  by KO in second



Fight 7 - Heavyweight Bout

Wesley “Cabbage” Correira (20-4) vs. Andrei Arlovski (7-3) 

This is going to be a real interesting fight because Arlovski can dish out a beating but then again, Cabbage

can take one and deliver one to boot. In order for Cabbage to win, he needs to take Arlovski down and use

his weight advantage to hold him there and pound on him until the Ref stops the fight. But I don't see that happening. Cabbage is a warrior and he'll want to stand-up. For this fight, I think Arlovski is just to quick and

powerful. He is going to deliver punches from all angles at all times. I think it's just going to be too much for

Cabbage. I know, look what Cabbage did to Tank Abbott - I'm not saying Cabbage is a bad fighter but I just

think that Cabbage doesn't match up well with Arlovski. I don't believe Cabbage will go down but I think the

Ref will step in and stop the fight. Arlovski by first round TKO. 


Fight 8 - Light Heavyweight Bout

Tito Ortiz  (11-3-0) vs. Chuck Liddell (12-3-0)

The fight everyone has been waiting for for such a long time. I think Tito will take a page right out of Couture's

victory over Liddell and do the same thing - keep Liddell on the ground and pound on him - I don't think he will

score a KO but he will do just enough for the win. Liddell, on the other hand, is going to try everything in his

power to take out Tito but Tito is going to frustrate him by holding him down and not letting him get any

power to those punches and kicks. Tito will take this one by decision.


My two cents,




card subject to change