The WBC blasts K-1  

Saddened by Tyson Decision


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Well, here's one for the books. The following is a press release by the WBC as it is posted on the WBC's

website. If you're a K-1 fan, hold onto your seats.



Mike Tyson is thinking of the possibility of contending in a sport known as K1


April 19, 2004.

Jose Sulaiman Chagnon, President of the World Boxing Council deeply regrets the fact that the great

world ex heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is thinking of the possibility of contending in a sport known as

K1 which represents a huge and regrettable return to the most savage times in which respect to human life

did not exist at all, as this 'sport' is one of the most violent and less humane practices anyone can ever



The most astonishing thing is to see how a country of such elevated culture such as Japan, is adopting this

criminal practice that literally takes society back to the cave era.


The fact that such a brilliant boxer who at age 20 conquered a world heavyweight title with a brilliant victory

over Trevor Berbick on November 22, 1986, becoming the youngest world champion in boxing history and

holding the enviable record of 24 first-round KO’s, close to Jack Dempsey’s 25 first-round KO’s amazing

record, can not be thinking of blemishing such extraordinary career by stooping so low to participate in the

denigrating legalized savagery of K1.


We wholeheartedly hope that Tyson forgets his recent past and comes back to the noble sport of boxing

that opened the doors of greatness to him, to regain his status of world professional champion…simply

because K1 is for those who have nothing left at all…or for amateurs or cheap street fighters.