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Muay Thai 15th Anniversary Show

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September 11, 2004

Plaza Hotel

Las Vegas, Nevada



After a long wait due to a damaged media card and changing servers, we finally posted the pictures we

took at the WCK 15th Anniversary show. We sincerely apologize for taking so long. From the fabulous ring

girls (Stephanie Staykov, Brandy Nerney and Brittney Thorche) from BrandyzBabez.com and the girls

from Shark energy drink who kept the crowd buzzing - to the Elvis impersonator who sang the national

Anthem, a fun time was had by all. PRIDE FC middleweight stand-out Quenton "Rampage" Jackson was

there with Team Oyama and was kind enough to sign a couple of hats for us to give out (the first of his two

contests ends on October 6th (2004). We'd like to thank all of the great people we had a chance to meet and

talk with - especially Mr. William Sriyapai for all his help (pictured below with former KOTC champ Betiss

Mansouri - 2nd row, 3rd pic from left).


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