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A Fighters Chance...at Philly MMA...Expo!!(12/31/09)

NAAFS Cageside Report: 2010 Kicks off with...(12/31/09)

Dynamite!! 2009 Results(12/31/09)

OTM Fight Shop 2010 New Years...Sale Starts Now..(12/31/09)

"J-Lau" Goers To Vegas....Featured on UFC 108 PPV(12/31/09)

Kombat League - Happy New Year!!(12/31/09)

Don't Miss UFC 108...This Saturday Night(12/31/09)

Grappling X: Vegas Shirts & Medal(12/30/09)

New Year's Revolution - January 16th(12/30/09)

Gladiator Challenge - January 23rd(12/29/09)

King of the Cage - February 6th(12/29/09)

ShoBox: Abregu vs. Gutierrez - Jan. 29th(12/29/09)

Thailand Festival: Happy New Year \ Youtube Videos(12/29/09)

FCE: Tickets Start at only $15...- Jan. 21st(12/28/09)

GoFightLive.tv - 3 Boxing Events Available Free..(12/28/09)

NAAFS Cageside Report: MCC 10 Announced(12/28/09)

HDNet Secures T. Sponsorship of MMA Expo Philly(12/28/09)

Dynamite!! Updated Card - Dec . 31st(12/28/09)

Long Beach Fight Night Updated Card - Jan. 3rd(12/25/09)

Dynamite!! One Bout Added - Dec. 31st(12/25/09)

Grappling X: Register on Dec. 25th and...(12/25/09)

BlitzSport: Happy New Year & Double Loyalty Points(12/25/09)

OTM 2010 Northeast Regionals - Jan. 9 & 10(12/24/09)

GoFightLive.tv - Ring of Honor...(12/24/09)

WCF: Tickets on Sale - Feb. 26th(12/23/09)

HBO Boxing: Mosley vs. Berto - Jan. 30th(12/23/09)

DEEP 45 Impact - Jan. 24th(12/23/09)

VBO Newsletter - Gladiator Challenge, W.F.C...(12/23/09)

Merry Christmas from the WKL(12/23/09)

Dynamite 2009 - Two Bouts Added - Dec. 31st(12/22/09)

Pancrase - Feb. 7th(12/21/09)

HBO Boxing: Luevano vs. Lopez - Jan. 23rd(12/21/09)

Shooto - January 23rd(12/21/09)

Strikeforce Results(12/19/09)

WEC Results(12/19/09)

DEEP Cage Impact Results(12/19/09)

Boxing: Battle at the Boat 75 - Jan. 9th(12/18/09)

Warriors Classic Wrestling Tourney - Jan. 23rd(12/18/09)

NAAFS Cageside Report - CF 9 Coming in 2010(12/18/09)

Grappling X - Las Vegas Tourney Jan. 9th(12/18/09)

MFC 24 - February 26th(12/18/09)

ShoBox Results: Guerrero vs. Nicklow(12/18/09)

WEC Live on Versus Tomorrow Night...(12/18/09)

OTM Fight Shop...(12/18/09)

Strikeforce: 6 Questions with M. Lindland...(12/17/09)

TFA: T. Meacham Gives TFA Fighters...(12/16/09)

Give the Gift of UFC(12/16/09)

Gladiadores Extremos Highlight Video(12/16/09)

Strikeforce: C. Le & J. Thomson...Quotes - Dec. 19th(12/16/09)

Strikeforce Weigh-Ins - Open to the Public Dec. 18th(12/16/09)

Team EuroElite 2010(12/16/09)

VBO Newsletter: December 2009(12/16/09)

WCF: Great Holiday Gift Ideas...- Feb. 26, 2010(12/15/09)

Battle in the Ballroom: Boxing & MMA - Dec. 18th(12/15/09)

Dynamite: Seven Bouts Added - Dec. 31st(12/15/09)

Gladiator Challenge Recap - Dec. 12th(12/15/09)

Ultimate Challenge MMA - Feb. 6th(12/15/09)

BlitzSport.com: Clearance Sale Extended...(12/15/09)

GoFightLive.tv: ROH this week...(12/15/09)

German Top Team BJJ Seminar - Dec. 22nd(12/14/09)

ShoBox: Guerrero vs. Nicklow - Dec. 18th(12/14/09)

OTM: Marcelo Garcia Launches...Online Training...(12/14/09)

BlitzSport.com: Order by Dec. 23rd...(12/14/09)

Shooto Results(12/13/09)

Don Team Argentina: WKN World Title(12/12/09)

UFC 107 Results(12/12/09)

HBO Boxing Results: Diaz vs. Malignaggi...(12/12/09)

Showtime Boxing Results: Bradley vs. Peterson(12/12/09)

NAAFS Cageside Report: N.O.C. Results(12/11/09)

MMA Expo: 3 Awesome Philly-Area Xmas Gifts...(12/11/09)

Showtime Sports December Highlights(12/11/09)

Jewels Results(12/11/09)

Don't MIss UFC 107 Live Tomorrow Night...(12/11/09)

HBO Boxing: Diaz vs. Malignaggi II...(12/11/09)

Strikeforce: Bobby Lashley to make debut - Jan. 30th...(12/10/09)

Lauzon Returns To Octagon...Jan. 2 on UFC 108(12/10/09)

Christmas Fight Night - Dec. 19th(12/10/09)

GEX Cage Tourney Results(12/10/09)

Mixed Fight League 2 - Feb. 27, 2010(12/10/09)

Great New Holiday Gifts at UFC Store(12/10/09)

BlitzSport.com: Clearance Sale...(12/10/09)

VBO Newsletter - Gladiator Challenge...(12/10/09)

Tokyo Five To Sponsor Stefan Struve for UFC 107(12/10/09)

BlitzSport.com: Catch A Christmas Bargain...(12/10/09)

Gladiator Challenge This Saturday - Dec. 12th(12/9/09)

Fighting Arts News: MSA Muay Thai Premier League(12/9/09)

HBO Boxing Update - Klitschko vs. Johnson - Dec. 12th(12/9/09)

Three Great Boxing Events Available on Demand - GFL...(12/9/09)

Happy Brawlidays: Boxing & MMA - Dec. 17th(12/8/09)

City Boxing Xmas Xtravaganza - Dec. 12th(12/8/09)

UFC 109: Tickets on Sale...(12/8/09)

The Martial Arts Show: Video Promo - May...2010(12/8/09)

Shooto - Dec. 23rd(12/8/09)

WCK Muay Thai Results(12/8/09)

Dan Henderson Signs with STRIKEFORCE(12/7/09)

Showtime Boxing: Bradley vs. Peterson - Dec. 12th(12/7/09)

Grappling X: $25 Tourneys on Saturday...(12/7/09)

BlitzSport.com: Embroidered Belt Deadline...(12/7/09)

Pancrase Results(12/6/09)

Ring of Fire 36 Results(12/6/09)

The Ultimate Fighter 10 Results(12/5/09)

HBO Boxing Results: Williams vs. Martinez(12/5/09)

K-1 Final Results(12/5/09)

Italian Grappling Open - Dec. 20th(12/5/09)

Cage Force Results(12/5/09)

Revolution Fight Club: See Marcus Jones in...(12/5/09)

MFC 23 Results(12/4/09)

ShoBox Results: Brunson vs. Jones(12/4/09)

STRIKEFORCE - January 30, 2010(12/4/09)

WRECK MMA: Geting to know... - Dec. 12th(12/4/09)

Southwest Grapplefest III - March 27, 2010(12/4/09)

Grappling X: Upcoming Schedule(12/4/09)

NAAFS Cageside Report: NAAFS Announces...(12/4/09)

UFC: Don't Miss the The Ultimate Fighter Finale...(12/4/09)

Fighting Arts News: Disney Euro Open Packages...(12/4/09)

HBO Boxing Newsletter: Williams vs. Martinez...(12/4/09)

Kings Cup: Streamed Online - Dec. 5th(12/4/09)

Cage Wars: Who Should the Dragon...(12/4/09)

The Martial Arts Show - May 22 & 23, 2010(12/4/09)

ROF 36 Tonight, Weigh-In Photos, PPV Info...(12/4/09)

TapouT: International Motocycle Show...This Friday(12/3/09)

K.J. Noons Signs with Strikeforce(12/3/09)

MyFightTeam.com: Tryouts for Reality Show...(12/3/09)

ShoBox: Brunson vs. Jones - Dec. 4th(12/3/09)

WRECK MMA: Win VIP Tickets...- Dec. 12th(12/2/09)

VS Fight Night Results: Hopkins, Jones Jr.(12/2/09)

Melvin Manhoef Signs with Strikeforce(12/2/09)

WCM: M-1 Challenge Finals Dec. 3rd(12/2/09)

Super Channel \ Showtime Deal...To Air Strikeforce...(12/2/09)

Gladiator Challenge This Thursday \ "Malicious"  Results(12/2/09)

UFC Lands in Australia...Tickets on Sale...(12/2/09)

ROF Live Wire: A. Robinson Returns...(12/2/09)

Cage Wars November 29th Report by B. Elliott...(12/2/09)

MFC 23 Update - Dec. 4th(12/2/09)

UFC: All New Tonight: Special 2 Hour Episode of TUF(12/2/09)

K-1 GP Final: Bout Change - Dec. 5th(12/1/09)

Pancrase Updated Line-up - Dec. 5th(12/1/09)

VS Fight Night: Hopkins & Jones Jr - Dec. 2nd(12/1/09)

HBO Boxing: Diaz vs. Malignaggi II - Dec. 12th(12/1/09)

MMA Expo: Joe Rogan Hits Toronto...(11/30/09)

Cage Wars Recap: Stringer vs. Clementi - Nov. 29th(11/30/09)

FCE: Final Conflict - Dec. 10th(11/30/09)

German Vale Tudo: Contender Series 2010(11/30/09)

NAAFS...Report: Upcoming NOC.& CF 8 Results(11/30/09)

ROF Live Wire 20: Nickels is Ready!(11/30/09)

City Boxing Xmas Xtravaganza - Dec. 12th(11/30/09)

CA State Championships Update - Dec. 5th(11/30/09)

On The Mat - VIP Cyber Monday Sale(11/30/09)

WRECK MMA Updated Card - Dec. 12th(11/28/09)

HBO Boxing Results: Bute vs. Andrade(11/28/09)

ShoBox Results: Molina Jr. vs. Honorio(11/28/09)

MFC # 23 - December 4th(11/28/09)

RFC 19 "Revenge" Pictures by...(11/28/09)

Cage Wars: Stringer vs. Clementi Weigh-in Pics...(11/28/09)

WCM: Slamm VI: Holland vs. Thailand Streamed Live...(11/28/09)

Shooto - December 13th(11/25/09)

Gladiator Challenge: Interview with Ulysses Gomez(11/25/09)

BlitzSport.com.....Double Loyalty Points...(11/25/09)

Cage Wars New Article... - Nov. 29th(11/25/09)

Strikeforce: Thomson vs. Melendez - Dec. 19th(11/24/09)

Grappling X Updated Schedule(11/24/09)

Long Beach Fight Night - January 3, 2010(11/24/09)

ROF Live WIre 19 Newsletter(11/24/09)

MFC Unstoppable On Track...- Dec. 4th(11/24/09)

Cage Wars: Five Days Until... - Nov. 29th(11/24/09)

MMA Bushido FC - November 28th(11/23/09)

Abu Dhabi Pro Trials Info - Jan. 31, 2010(11/23/09)

Shooto Results(11/23/09)

ZST 22 Results(11/23/09)

K-1 World GP Final Updated Line-up - Dec. 5th(11/21/09)

Strikeforce Challengers Results - PR & Photos(11/21/09)

Showtime Boxing Result - Kessler vs. Ward(11/21/09)

UFC 106 Results(11/21/09)

Cage Wars: Mills vs. Darpinyan - Nov. 29th(11/21/09)

White Chocolate Management Accepting Sponsors...(11/21/09)

Don't MIss UFC 106 Live Tomorrow Night...(11/20/09)

Strikeforce Challengers Results(11/20/09)

Showtime Boxing: Kessler vs. Ward Saturday Night...(11/20/09)

FCE: Domination 2009 Tomorrow - Nov. 21st(11/20/09)

CA State Championships: Gi, No-Gi - Dec. 5th(11/20/09)

MFC New Blog...Check it out...(11/20/09)

Jewels: Three Bouts Added - Dec. 11th(11/19/09)

Strikeforce Challengers: Weigh-ins & Pics...(11/19/09)

NAAFS Cageside Report: Caged Fury 8...(11/19/09)

ShoBox: Molina vs. Honorio - Nov. 28th(11/19/09)

Joe Lauzon heading back inside the Octagon...(11/18/09)

WEC Results(11/18/09)

The Ultimate Fighter: Quarterfinals Continue...(11/18/09)

Shoot Boxing Results(11/18/09)

Ultra Fighting Championship Video Clip(11/18/09)

UFC Arrives in Virginia - Tickets on Sale...(11/17/09)

Pancrase Updated Line-up - Dec. 6th(11/17/09)

Cage Force - December 5th(11/17/09)

Grappling X - Pre-Registration ends Tomorrow...(11/17/09)

Shooto - Updated Line-up - Nov. 23rd(11/17/09)

Shoot Boxing Updated Card - Nov. 18th(11/17/09)

HBO Boxing: Williams vs. Martinez - Dec. 5th(11/17/09)

ZST 22 - November 23rd(11/17/09)

MMA Bushido FC: Hero's 2009 Results(11/16/09)

Team Quest Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tourney - Dec. 12th(11/16/09)

FCE: Six Days Till Domination 2009 - Nov. 21st(11/16/09)

UFC: Get an inside look at Ortiz vs. Griffin 2...(11/16/09)

Cage Wars: Europe's Premier MMA...- Nov. 29th(11/16/09)

WCK Muay Thai Odds... - Dec. 5th(11/14/09)

Military Fight Team Championships... - Feb. 20, 2010(11/14/09)

HBO PPV Boxing Results: Pacquiao vs. Cotto(11/14/09)

UFC 105 Results(11/14/09)

Shooto - November 23rd(11/13/09)

NAAFS Cageside Report: CF 8 - Nov. 25th(11/13/09)

MMA Expo: Win Dan Henderson VIP Passes...Nov. 21st(11/13/09)

Buy Your UFC Gifts Early...(11/13/09)

Don't Miss UFC 105 Tomorrow Night on Spike(11/13/09)

City Boxing Xmas Xtravaganza - Dec. 12th(11/12/09)

WRECK MMA: Khatib vs. Holst - Dec. 12th(11/12/09)

F5 Fighting - December 5th(11/12/09)

Dynamite!! 2009 - December 31st(11/12/09)

Cage Wars Fight Card - Nov. 29th(11/12/09)

Combat Sports Club News...(11/12/09)

Champion's Cup - November 28th(11/12/09)

Maximum Fighting Championship 23 - December 4th(11/12/09)

Choose Your Seats to UFC 106 on Stubhub(11/12/09)

Real Fighting Championships - Nov. 13th(11/11/09)

Bushido Challenge 1 - December 13th(11/11/09)

King of the Cage - December 17th(11/11/09)

OneSongchai Muaythai Nov. 5 & 7 Results(11/11/09)

The Ultimate Fighter Quarterfinals Begin Tonight...(11/11/09)

DEEP & CMA Results(11/11/09)

Ultimate Challenge Mexico 11 Results(11/11/09)

CBS Saturday Night Fights Main Event Draws 5.46 Mil.(11/10/09)

WCK Muay Thai - December 5th(11/9/09)

MMA Bushido FC Hero's 2009 - Nov. 14th(11/9/09)

Called Out MMA Update - Nov. 14th(11/9/09)

Strikeforce - Cung Le, Lindland...December 19th(11/9/09)

TFA 17 Rescheduled to Dec. 12th(11/9/09)

Cage Wars: Stringer vs. Clementi - Nov. 29th(11/9/09)

Tokyo Five to Host Event in New York....(11/9/09)

CBS \ Strikeforce Results(11/7/09)

Sengoku Results(11/7/09)

HBO Boxing Results: Dawson vs. Johnson(11/7/09)

ROF Live Wire: ROF 36 - Dec. 4th(11/6/09)

Strikeforce Challengers Results(11/6/09)

HBO Boxing Newsletter: Dawson vs. Johnson II...(11/6/09)

UFC: Relive Four Huge Main Events Free on Spike(11/6/09)

Grappling X Upcoming Big Events...(11/6/09)

Strikeforce: CBS Stations to air Fight Camp 360...(11/6/09)

Strikeforce: Video Preview - Nov. 7th(11/6/09)

Strikeforce: Rogers on Last Call...(11/5/09)

Grapplers Quest: $15,000 World Series....- Dec. 12th(11/5/09)

C3 Grappling Tourney - Nov. 14th(11/5/09)

Heat XC - November 6th(11/5/09)

Gladiator Challenge - Nov. 5th(11/5/09)

Cage Wars Championship Updates - Nov. 29th(11/5/09)

Fight Engine: Fighter Search...Dec. 26th...Live on Fox...(11/4/09)

The Ultimate Fighter: Quarterfinals Announced Tonight...(11/4/09)

USA Pankration National Championships Results(11/3/09)

King of the Cage - December 12th(11/3/09)

Strikeforce & Fighters Team up to Fight Youth Bullying...(11/3/09)

Strikeforce: Shields vs. Miller - Nov. 7th(11/3/09)

Cage Wars - November 29th(11/3/09)

Brett Rogers Live on ESPN2 Wednesday...(11/3/09)

King of the Cage - Nov. 28th(11/3/09)

Fight Camp 360: Fedor vs. Rogers "First Look"...(11/3/09)

Boxing: Battle at the Boat 74 - Nov. 7th(11/2/09)

Italian Grappling Open - Dec. 20th(11/2/09)

MMA Expo Philadelphia: Celebrities RD 1 - Jan. 2010(11/2/09)

Heat 12 Results(11/2/09)

MFC Scores with Season Tickets(11/2/09)

Fedor & Rogers at Football Game(11/1/09)

Showtime Boxing Results: Agbeko vs. Perez(11/1/09)

Strikeforce: Marius Zaromskis Signs...(10/31/09)

ADCC Open Italy 2009 - Nov. 8th(10/30/09)

Fighting Arts News: Jump Tour Opening...(10/30/09)

Fight Engine: Fighters Wanted...(10/30/09)

Vale Tudo Japan Results(10/30/09)

Grappling X: Important November Event Changes...(10/29/09)

First Ever Pro MMA League...(10/29/09)

HBO Boxing - 24/7: Pacquiao/Cotto(10/29/09)

Gladiator Challenge "Reality Check" Results...(10/29/09)

Fight Camp 360: Fedor vs. Rogers Update...(10/29/09)

Strikeforce: Brett Rogers Prepares... - Nov. 7th(10/29/09)

DEEP Cage Impact - Dec. 19th(10/29/09)

Shoot Boxing: One Bout Added - Nov. 18th(10/29/09)

Sengoku: Updated Card - Dec. 31st(10/29/09)

Jewels - December 11th(10/29/09)

Sengoku: One Bout Added - Nov. 7th(10/29/09)

Grappling X - Shirts & Medals...(10/29/09)

World Championship Muay Thai - Dec. 5th(10/28/09)

UFC: All New TUF Episode...(10/28/09)

Pancrase - December 6th(10/27/09)

CSAC: CAMO's Report Presented...(10/27/09)

Shoot Boxing Updated Card - Nov. 18th(10/27/09)

Sengoku: Two Bouts Added - Nov. 7th(10/27/09)

WRECK MMA Update - Dec. 12th(10/26/09)

Showtime Boxing: Kessler vs. Ward - Nov. 21st(10/26/09)

Showtime Boxing: Agbeko vs. Perez - Oct. 31st(10/26/09)

K-1 MAX Final Results(10/26/09)

Fighting Arts News: UK MMA League...(10/26/09)

Cage Wars Update - November 29th(10/26/09)

Pancrase Results(10/25/09)

Dream 12 Results(10/25/09)

BlitzSport.com: Special Offer...(10/25/09)

HBO Boxing: 24/7 Pacquiao / Cotto...(10/24/09)

UFC 104 Results(10/24/09)

Cage Force Results(10/24/09)

Valkyrie Results(10/24/09)

CSAC Meeting - Oct. 26th(10/24/09)

Submission Ink: Jackson, Condit, Guida...(10/23/09)

ShoBox Results: Hernandez vs. Frias(10/23/09)

Don't Miss UFC 104 LIve...(10/23/09)

Warrior Classic 2010 - January 23rd(10/22/09)

Strikeforce: Fight Camp 360: Fedor vs. Rogers(10/22/09)

Gladiator Challenge - Oct. 24th(10/22/09)

OneSongchai Muay Thai - Nov. 5th(10/22/09)

Fighting Arts News: Couture UK Book Launch(10/22/09)

Tokyo Five Sponsors TUF 9 Finalists...(10/22/09)

Vale Tudo Japan Updated Line-up - Oct. 30th(10/22/09)

Grappling X: Check This Out(10/22/09)

UFC 104: Tickets Still Available...(10/22/09)

ShoBox: Hernandez vs. Frias - Oct. 23rd(10/22/09)

Kevin Wynne Joins WCM Advisory Board(10/22/09)

MMA Expo Canada Announces USA Division(10/22/09)

UFC: New TUF Tonight on Spike(10/21/09)

Cage Force Updated Card - Oct. 24th(10/20/09)

Valkyrie Updated Card - Oct. 24th(10/20/09)

HBO Boxing: Dawson vs. Johnson - Nov. 7th(10/20/09)

Mixed Fight League Results(10/20/09)

Cage Wars: Quick Words with John Lober - Nov. 29th(10/20/09)

AdapTx Labs: Gilbert Melendez Throws Down...(10/20/09)

UFC Poker is Here - Play for Free(10/20/09)

Hermes Franca is Ready to Fight(10/20/09)

USA Pankration National - Oct. 25th(10/19/09)

C3 Grappling Tourney - Nov. 14th(10/19/09)

Dream Updated Card - Oct. 25th(10/19/09)

Vale Tudo Japan Updated Line-up - Oct. 30th(10/19/09)

Shooto Results(10/19/09)

The Countdown to UFC 104 Begins...(10/19/09)

Fight Zone TV Celebrates 1000th Airing...(10/19/09)

Grappling X: Pre-Reg Ends Soon...(10/18/09)

Showtime Boxing Results: Froch vs. Dirrell...(10/17/09)

Pancrase Results(10/17/09)

Glory 11 Results(10/17/09)

Mixed Fight League: Weigh-ins - Oct. 17th(10/16/09)

Submission Ink Autograph Signing - Oct. 17th(10/16/09)

Sengoku: Two Bouts Added - Nov. 7th(10/16/09)

DEEP Cage Impact - Dec. 19th(10/16/09)

Cage Wars: Latest Fight Card Addition - Nov. 29th(10/16/09)

FCE: No Mercy Live Saturday - Oct. 17th(10/16/09)

Thailand Festival Update - Oct. 24 & 25th(10/16/09)

Showtime Boxing: Super Six - Oct. 17th(10/16/09)

Cage Wars: CWC Decade DVD Now Available...(10/16/09)

Strikeforce Challengers - Nov. 10th(10/15/09)

UFC Comes to Memphis: Tickets on sale...(10/15/09)

Fighting Arts News: Becoming the Natural(10/15/09)

Glory 11 on Internet PPV - Oct. 17th(10/15/09)

Mixed Fight League Press Release - Oct. 17th(10/15/09)

WRECK MMA: Denis Added...- Dec. 12th(10/14/09)

Long Beach Fight Night - Oct. 18th(10/14/09)

Gladiator Challenge Results: Most Wanted & First Strike(10/14/09)

Shoot Boxing - Nov. 18th(10/14/09)

UFC TUF: Team Rashad Goes for 5-0...(10/14/09)

Sengoku: Updated Line-up - Nov. 7th(10/13/09)

UFC: Tickets on Sale....TUF Finale(10/13/09)

Vale Tudo Japan: Four Bouts Added - Oct. 30th(10/13/09)

MFC Scores with Season Tickets...(10/13/09)

International Karate Cup - Dec. 5th(10/13/09)

OC Promoter & MMA Featured on The Simpson's(10/12/09)

Strikeforce Challengers Update - Nov. 6th(10/12/09)

Pancrase: Bout Change - Oct. 25th(10/12/09)

Heat 12 Updated Line-up - Nov. 1st(10/12/09)

Dream 12 Updated Line-up - Oct. 25th(10/12/09)

Kings of the Ring: 500 Tickets Remain - Oct. 16th(10/12/09)

Grappling X: Over $5000 in Prizes(10/12/09)

Blitz Sponsors Clash of the Titans(10/12/09)

Sengoku Updated Card - Nov. 7th(10/12/09)

Thai-Kickboxing.de Newsletter - KFN, MFN, Hype FC(10/10/09)

WEC Results(10/10/09)

DEEP 44 Results(10/10/09)

CBS Strikeforce Fight Card Announced - Nov. 7th(10/9/09)

FCE: No Mercy 2009 - Oct. 17th(10/9/09)

Mixed Fight League - Oct. 17th(10/9/09)

Showtime Sports: Fight Camp 360(10/9/09)

ROF Live Wire Issue 17(10/9/09)

Cage Wars Featured in two Magazines...(10/9/09)

NAAFS Cageside Report - CF 7, NCS 4, MCC 9(10/9/09)

Thailand Festival Schedule - Oct. 24 & 25(10/9/09)

Pancrase Updated Line-up - Oct. 25th(10/9/09)

K-1 MAX: One Bout Added - Oct. 26th(10/9/09)

MBK Muaythai by OneSongchai - Oct. 21st(10/9/09)

UFC: Don't Miss WEC Tomorrow Night(10/9/09)

Fighting Arts News: London & Paris BJJ Opens...(10/9/09)

Cage Wars Championship "Nightmare" - Nov. 29th(10/9/09)

W1: High Voltage - October 10th(10/8/09)

UFC 104: Last Chance to bid on Front Row Seats(10/8/09)

Cage Force & Valkyrie Updated Card - Oct. 24th(10/7/09)

Gladiator Challenge - October 8th & 10th(10/7/09)

UFC: New Episode of T.U.F....on Spike(10/7/09)

Submission Ink: Carlos Condit Auto. Signing - Oct. 17th(10/7/09)

OneSongchai Muay Thai Promotion - Youtube Videos(10/7/09)

Grappling X: Pre Reg. Ends Today(10/7/09)

Lets Give Jennifer "A Fighters Chance"...(10/6/09)

Dream 11 Results(10/6/09)

OneSongchai Muay Thai Oct. 2nd & 3rd Results(10/6/09)

D. Sanchez Supporting...Grapplers Quest - Oct. 10(10/5/09)

Cage Wars "The Nightmare Begins" - Nov. 29th(10/5/09)

UFC: Vote for Chuck & Anna on DWTS(10/5/09)

"A Fighters Chance"....MMA Charities...(10/5/09)

Strikeforce: Shine International Pins Down...(10/5/09)

Thailand Festival Muay Thai Gala - Oct. 25th(10/5/09)

Dream 11 Updated Card - Oct. 6th(10/5/09)

Strikeforce MMA Appoints First Matchmaker(10/3/09)

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W1: High Voltage - Newton vs. Carter - Oct. 10th(9/15/09)

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WMAO I.G.C. 2009 - October 3rd(9/15/09)

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Kimo Leopoldo: The Jesus Christ of the...(7/23/09)

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Maximum Fighting Championship 22 - Oct. 2nd(7/23/09)

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Sengoku - September 23rd(7/20/09)

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C3 BJJ / SW Tournament - July 25th(7/18/09)

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Shoot Boxing: Girl's S-Cup - August 23rd(7/17/09)

Sengoku 9 Updated Line-up - Aug. 2nd(7/17/09)

HEAT 10 - July 18th(7/17/09)

DREAM 10: One Bout Added - July 20th(7/17/09)

Affliction: Fedor Steals Glory...- August 1st(7/15/09)

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2009 Southwest Grappling Championship - Sept. 12th(7/14/09)

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Total Combat 34 Fight Card - July 25th(7/13/09)

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Muay Thai Seminar in Greece - August 22-30th(7/13/09)

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Affliction: Gegard Mousasi - August 1st(7/8/09)

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MMA Expo Announces....(Press Release)(7/8/09)

UFC Fight Night - Oklahoma: Tickets on Sale...(7/7/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Godfrey vs. Hawk - July 10th(7/7/09)

Showtime Boxing: Agbeko vs. Darchinyan - July 11th(7/7/09)

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Come Join Santinodefranco.com(7/7/09)

Affliction: Gomi vs. Oliveira - August 1st(7/6/09)

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Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Summer Training - Aug. 14-16(5/12/09)

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Exclusive UFC 98 Ticket Auction - May 23rd(4/28/09)

ZST 20 - May 24th(4/28/09)

Grappling X: Battle in the Armory...(4/28/09)

DEEP M-1 Challenge...in Japan - April 29th(4/28/09)

Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Smith.... - June 6th(4/27/09)

MFC 21: Hard Knocks...Tickets on Sale Now - May 15th(4/27/09)

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World Championship Muay Thai Bout Order - April 25th(4/24/09)

W1: Unplugged - June 13th(4/23/09)

HBO Boxing: Lopez vs. Penalosa - April 25th(4/23/09)

Showtime Boxing: Froch vs. Taylor - April 25th(4/23/09)

Dream 9: One Bout Added - May 26th(4/23/09)

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K-1 MAX Final 8 - July 13th(4/22/09)

Gladiator Challenge: "Venom" - April 23rd(4/22/09)

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WTKA W.C. & M.M. Schedule - Nov. 5-8th(4/20/09)

Don Team Argentina: "El Lobo" Sudamericano Champ(4/20/09)

City Boxing: Thursday Night Fights - April 30th(4/20/09)

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NAAFS Newsletter: ...Cageside Update(4/7/09)

Extreme Beatdown Update - April 11th(4/6/09)

SHO MMA: Strikeforce....- May 15th(4/6/09)

Pancrase - June 7th(4/6/09)

Kombat League World Cup 2009(4/6/09)

Bob "The Beast" Sapp - Fight Engine's...(4/6/09)

Big Boxing Night - Irvine Marriott - April 8th(4/5/09)

Shooto - April 10th(4/5/09)

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Introducing ROF Live Wire Newsletter(4/5/09)

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Showtime Boxing Results: Bradley vs. Holt(4/4/09)

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Fite Nite Results(4/4/09)

Bellator FC Results(4/4/09)

Strikeforce: Teleconference Highlights...- April 11th(4/3/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Bailey vs. Figueroa(4/3/09)

FCE: Last Chance For Ruthless Tickets - April 11th(4/3/09)

Shoot Boxing Results(4/3/09)

Get Ready For....UFC & WEC Action!(4/3/09)

Strikeforce: "Lawler vs. Shields"...- June 6th(4/2/09)

K-1 MAX Updated Line-up - April 21st(4/2/09)

Extreme Beatdown - April 11th(4/2/09)

Valkyrie 02 - April 25th(4/2/09)

UFC 97: Tickets on Stubhub... - April 18th(4/2/09)

Cage Force - April 25th(4/2/09)

Strikeforce: Thomson Out... - April 11th(4/1/09)

UFC Fight Night Results(4/1/09)

Fite Nite: Online Free.... - April 4th(4/1/09)

Grappling X Upcoming Events(4/1/09)

Strikeforce: Josh Thomson Photos... - April 11th(4/1/09)

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Southwest Grapplefest II Recap(4/1/09)

UFC Fight Night & TUF Tonight - April 1st(4/1/09)

DEEP 41 Impact Updated Line-up - April 16th(4/1/09)

Strikeforce: Gilbert Melendez Photo's...- April 11th(3/31/09)

Fighting Arts News: Pain & Glory Underground(3/31/09)

Fighting Politics Documentary...(3/31/09)

UFC: TUF Finale Tickets...- June 20th(3/31/09)

Sengoku 8: Tourney Bouts - May 2nd(3/31/09)

W-1 Results3/30/09)

NAAFS Newsletter: Cageside Update(3/31/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Bailey vs. Figueroa - April 3rd(3/31/09)

World BJJ Pro Cup - May 1 & 2(3/30/09)

VengeanceFC - June 6th(3/30/09)

Dream 8 Updated Line-up - April 5th(3/30/09)

MFC 21: Tickets on Sale Now - May 15th(3/30/09)

Gladiator Challenge Newsletter...Special Offers...(3/30/09)

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PXC 17 Results(3/30/09)

Strikeforce: Rogers vs. Humphrey... - April 11th(3/29/09)

K-1 Yokohama Results(3/29/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Peter vs. Chambers(3/29/09)

World Championship Muay Thai - April 25th(3/25/09)

ROF 34 Fight Card - April 11th(3/25/09)

Sengoku 8: One Bout Added - May 2nd(3/25/09)

Grappling X - Pankration Update(3/25/09)

DEEP 41 Impact: One Bout Added - April 16th(3/25/09)

King of the Cage - March 27th(3/25/09)

W1 Weigh-in Update - March 28th(3/25/09)

K-1 Updated Line-up - March 28th(3/25/09)

Heat XC # 2 Tickets On Sale - March 27th(3/25/09)

Grappling X Needs Your Help : Pankration(3/25/09)

Valkyrie 02 - April 25th(3/24/09)

SportFight XXV - April 3rd(3/24/09)

Shoot Boxing Update - April 3rd(3/24/09)

"Beatdown 4" Results Press Release - March 21st(3/24/09)

Grappling X - April 18th Tournament Change(3/24/09)

Sengoku 8: One Bout Added - May 2nd(3/24/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Peter vs. Chambers - March 27th(3/23/09)

Southwest Grapplefest II - March 28th(3/23/09)

Get Your Tickets For Ruthless MMA - April 11th(3/23/09)

Fight Engine: Revolutionizing MMA...(3/23/09)

Grappling X: Disney This Weekend - March 28th(3/23/09)

DEEP 41 Impact - April 16th(3/23/09)

Sengoku 8 - May 2nd(3/23/09)

Shooto Updated Line-up - May 10th(3/23/09)

Shooto Results(3/23/09)

Obracun U Ringu 9 Results(3/22/09)

World Ultimate Full-Contact Result(3/22/09)

Roy Jones Jr. Boxing & MMA Results & Recap...(3/21/09)

ESPN Boxing Result: Klitschko vs. Gomez(3/21/09)

Roy Jones Jr. & MMA PPV Event - March 21st(3/21/09)

W1 Inception: Updated Card... - March 28th(3/20/09)

Kombat League: Fighters Available For Your Event(3/17/09)

K-1 MAX Korea Results(3/21/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Beltran Jr. vs. Roman(3/20/09)

Pain and Glory: Underground - May 24th(3/20/09)

Sengoku 7 Results(3/20/09)

SportFight XXV - April 3rd(3/20/09)

"Beatdown 4" Weights & Fact Sheet - March 21st(3/20/09)

Roy Jones Jr. & MMA PPV: Weights - March 21(3/20/09)

Roy Jones Jr. & MMA PPV Weigh-in Video: March 21(3/20/09)

UFC Takes Over Spike This Sunday Night(3/20/09)

Shooto - May 10th(3/20/09)

Shooto Results(3/20/09)

C3 Full Contact Fighting - May 9th(3/20/09)

Grappling X Results & Upcoming Events(3/20/09)

Dream 8: One Bout Added - April 5th(3/19/09)

Roy Jones Jr. & MMA PPV Update - March 21st(3/19/09)

Roy Jones Jr. Breaks Up Lashley-Guida - March 21st(3/19/09)

Steel City Rumble 6...Presale... - May 2nd(3/19/09)

K-1 Updated Line-up - March 28th(3/18/09)

Roy Jones Jr. & MMA Final Press..Quotes - March 21(3/18/09)

SummerFist Presale Offer - July 17th(3/18/09)

ESPN Boxing Klitschko vs. Gomez - March 21st(3/18/09)

Pancrase: One Bout Added - April 5th(3/18/09)

WTKA World Championships... - Nov. 4-8th(3/17/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Beltran Jr. vs. Roman - March 20th(3/17/09)

Beatdown 4 Update - March 21st(3/16/09)

FCE: Ruthless Tickets...- April 11th(3/16/09)

World Championship Fight 6 Results(3/16/09)

Fight News March 2009 - This Is Shido Results \ KIRU(3/16/09)

Remembrance: Charles "Mask" Lewis Jr.(3/16/09)

Guida Plans To Nail Lashley - March 21st(3/16/09)

Fight Expo Draws MMA's Biggest..- March 21-22(3/16/09)

Pankration Team Matches at The Fight Expo(3/16/09)

Hot MMA Events: Ottawa \ Montreal \ Toronto(3/16/09)

Boxing Results - March 14th(3/16/09)

All Japan Kickboxing Results(3/15/09)

ShoBox Results: Bute vs. Zuniga(3/13/09)

SNMMA: Beatdown 4 MMA Show - March 21st(3/13/09)

K-1 MAX Final 16 - April 21st(3/13/09)

Dream 8: Two Bouts Added - April 5th(3/13/09)

Muay Thai Argentina - S.A. Muay Thai News(3/12/09)

Anything Cane Be Achieved, If you Simply Believe(3/12/09)

Gladiator Challenge - March 28th(3/12/09)

Cage Wars: Jeff Monson Headlines... - March 29th(3/12/09)

Pancrase National Submission,...March 14th(3/12/09)

Jones-Shieka Headlines...March 21st(3/12/09)

Cage Wars is Back - March 29th(3/12/09)

Southwest Grapplefest II Update - March 28h(3/12/09)

KL: The Contender Asia A Great Success(3/12/09)

W1 MMA Update - March 28th(3/11/09)

Shamrock Compares Lashley... - March 21st(3/11/09)

SNMMA: Beatdown 4 Fact Sheet - March 21st(3/11/09)

In Memoriam: Charles "Mask" Lewis Jr.(3/11/09)

Grappling X This Weekend - March 15th(3/10/09)

Square Ring Promotions MMA - March 14th(3/10/09)

K-1 MAX Korea - March 20th(3/10/09)

...Grapplers Quest Joins Fight Expo - March 21-22(3/10/09)

Beatdown 4... - March 21st(3/10/09)

Strikeforce: Meet MMA Fighters on March 12th(3/9/09)

ShoBox: Bute vs. Zuniga - March 13th(3/9/09)

UFC Comes To Germany - June 13th(3/9/09)

Dream 7 Results(3/8/09)

Shooto Results(3/8/09)

Long Beach Fight Night - April 19th(3/6/09)

7th Annual CA State Pankration... - April 5th(3/6/09)

HBO Boxing Results: Kirkland vs. Julio(3/7/09)

UFC 96 Results(3/7/09)

ROF 34 Internet Pre Sale - April 11th(3/6/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Rodriguez vs. Alvarez(3/6/09)

WCF Rewind....A Huge Hit...(3/6/09)

Kombat League World Cup Website Now Online(3/6/09)

Dream 7 Bout Order - March 8th(3/6/09)

Don't Miss UFC 96 Live...March 7th(3/6/09)

RJJ Boxing \ MMA - Shamrock vs. Lashley - March 21st(3/5/09)

Gladiator Challenge "Point Blank" - March 7th(3/5/09)

Pancrase: One Bout Added - April 5th(3/5/09)

Countdown to UFC 96...(3/5/09)

Strikeforce: April 11th...Cyborg takes on...(3/4/09)

Sengoku: Tourney Match-Ups Announced - March 20th(3/4/09)

MMA's Top Coaches Come To Denver - March 20-22(3/4/09)

SpringFist III - March 7th(3/4/09)

Joe Lauzon: Knee Injury Puts UFC Lightweight...(3/4/09)

BJJ Camp Hosted by Robert Drysdale - March 16-26(3/4/09)

WTKA World Championships...Nov. 4-8th(3/4/09)

Shoot Boxing: Two Bouts Added - April 3rd(3/4/09)

Sengoku - May 2nd(3/4/09)

Southwest Grapplefest II: Scoring System - March 28th(3/3/09)

HBO Boxing PPV: Pacquiao vs. Hatton - May 2nd(3/3/09)

Sengoku: One Bout Added - March 20th(3/3/09)

UFC 98:...Heavyweight Grudge Match - May 23rd(3/3/09)

Heat XC 2 - March 27th3/2/09)

HBO Boxing: Kirkland vs. Julio - March 7th(3/2/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Rodriquez vs. Alvarez - March 6th(3/2/09)

Kombat League: The Contender Asia - March 7th(3/2/09)

K-1 Max Holland Results(3/2/09)

WEC Results(3/2/09)

"Mr. Unbreakable" Brian Warren: New Promo Video(3/2/09)

SpringFist III - March 7th(2/28/09)

HBO Boxing Results: Marquez vs. Diaz(2/28/09)

Shooto Results(2/28/09)

City Boxing: Fight Noons, Grachev, Chatman...(2/28/09)

Cage Force Results(2/28/09)

ShoBox Results: Adamek vs. Banks - Feb. 27th(2/27/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Johnson vs. Judah(2/27/09)

Shoot Boxing - April 3rd(2/27/09)

Strikeforce: Thomson vs. Melendez...- April 11th(2/27/09)

K-1 Yokohama Match-ups Announced - March 28th(2/27/09)

Dream 7: One Bout Added - March 8th(2/27/09)

King of the Cage Results(2/26/09)

Grappling X Results & Upcoming Events(2/25/09)

Boxing: VERSUS The Contender Finale Results(2/25/09)

"The Fight Expo" - March 21-22nd(2/25/09)

Boxing \ MMA PPV - Roy Jones Jr - March 21st(2/25/09)

Pancrase: One Bout Added - April 5th(2/25/09)

Shooto - April 19th(2/25/09)

Cage Force Updated Line-up - Feb. 28th(2/25/09)

Shooto Updated Card - Feb. 28th(2/25/09)

SpringFist III - March 7th(2/24/09)

ShoBox: Adamek vs. Banks - Feb. 27th(2/24/09)

The Contender Asia - Muay Thai - March 7th(2/24/09)

Strikeforce Tickets on Sale - April 11th(2/23/09)

K-1 Max Results(2/23/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Johnson vs. Judah - Feb. 27th(2/23/09)

Top Rank Boxing PPV Results: Cotto vs. Jennings(2/21/09)

UFC 95 Results(2/21/09)

Southwest Grapplefest II Invite...- March 28th(2/20/09)

ESPN2 boxing Results: Prescott vs. Toledo(2/20/09)

Dream 7: Two Bouts Added - March 8th(2/20/09)

DEEP 40 Results(2/20/09)

UFC 95 - Don't Miss.... - Feb. 21st(2/20/09)

News From HDNet...(2/20/09)

World Championship Fighting New TV Program...(2/19/09)

Dream 7 - March 8th(2/19/09)

Dream 8: One Bout Added - April 5th(2/19/09)

Sengoku: Four Fighters Added - March 20th(2/19/09)

K-1 MAX Holland - March 1st(2/18/09)

Gladiator Challenge - March 7th(2/18/09)

Gladiator Challenge Newsletter: Custom Event T-Shirts(2/18/09)

Beckett Hobby Insider: UFC Cards(2/18/09)

Gladiator Challenge Newsletter - Feb. 4th Recap(2/17/09)

Fist Series 2009.....March 7th(2/17/09)

Pancrase Updated Line-up - April 5th(2/17/09)

All Japan Kickboxing: Krush.2 - March 14th(2/17/09)

Full-Contact Fighters 7 - Feb. 7th(2/17/09)

Fighting Arts News: K-1 King is Coming!(2/17/09)

Free Fight Grand Prix 2009 - April 25th(2/16/09)

Hot UFC Lightweight: Joe Lauzon...(2/16/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Gutierrez vs. Gonzalez - Feb. 20th(2/16/09)

MMA Expo Toronto - New Website Launched...(2/16/09)

WTKA World Championships....2009 - Nov. 4-8(2/14/09)

HBO Boxing Results: Campbell vs. Funeka(2/14/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Camacho vs. Molina(2/13/09)

Grappling X Upcoming Events...Feb. 21st(2/13/09)

XCF's Rumble....Trigg, May Videos - Feb. 14th(2/13/09)

Boxing: Jones Jr. vs. Sheika - March 21st(2/12/09)

Free Training at ROF Gym (Colorado)(2/12/09)

Cage Force: Five Bouts Added - Feb. 28th(2/12/09)

Dream 8 - April 5th(2/12/09)

Sengoku: Three Fighters Added - March 20th(2/12/09)

WARGODS Updated Line-up...- Feb. 13th(2/12/09)

Strikeforce on Showtime - April 11th(2/11/09)

WCF 6 Full Card - March 14th(2/11/09)

HBO Boxing: Marquez vs. Diaz - Feb. 28th(2/11/09)

Shoot Boxing Results(2/11/09)

FightZone TV & UWC Team Up For "Man O' War"(2/11/09)

Maximum Fighting Championship 20 - Feb. 20th(2/10/09)

Cage of Fire 15 Results(2/10/09)

XCF Online PPV To Aid Injured MMA Fighter - Feb. 14th(2/10/09)

W1 MMA: Carlos Newton Returns....March 28th(2/10/09)

Kombat League: Jerome Le Banner...Contender Asia...(2/10/09)

Grappling X Upcoming Events...Feb 21st & More(2/10/09)

Strikeforce on Showtime - April 11th(2/10/09)

Grappling X: Jemery Lusk R.I.P(2/10/09)

WARGODS - February 13th(2/10/09)

CSAC Needs KIMO Therapy(2/10/09)

DEEP & CMA Results(2/10/09)

2009 CA Pankration Championships - April 5th(2/9/09)

ESPN2 boxing: Camacho vs. Molina - Feb. 13th(2/9/09)

Jesse Taylor...Rumble in Racetown - Feb. 14th(2/9/09)

Brian Warren Promo Vids(2/9/09)

MMA Lands on the iPhone & iPod Touch(2/9/09)

Showtime Boxing Results: Darchinyan vs. Arce(2/7/09)

UFC Fight Night Results(2/7/09)

World Championship Muay Thai - Feb. 28th(2/6/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Henry vs. Mack(2/6/09)

ShoBox Results: Ward vs. Buchanan(2/6/09)

DEEP 40: Four Bouts Added - Feb. 20th(2/6/09)

Down for Life - Fight For A Cause Results(2/6/09)

HBO Boxing Update - Campbell vs. Funeka - Feb. 14th(2/6/09)

Showtime Joins Forces With Strikeforce(2/5/09)

Gladiator Challenge - March 7th(2/5/09)

Strikeforce Inks Deal With Pro Elite(2/5/09)

Down For Life - Fight For A Cause - Feb. 6th(2/5/09)

W1 MMA: Updated Line-up - March 28th(2/5/09)

Dream 7 - March 8th(2/5/09)

K-1 MAX: Two Bouts Added - Feb. 23rd(2/4/09)

Sengoku: Three Fighters Added - March 20th(2/4/09)

Shoot Boxing Updated Card - Feb. 11th(2/4/09)

Cage Wars is Back! - March 29th(2/4/09)

Jewels Results(2/4/09)

C3 Full Contact Fighting - Feb. 7th(2/4/09)

MMA To Expand Into NASCAR Territory...(2/4/09)

King of the Cage - Feb. 21st(2/4/09)

MMA Expo: Cool UFC 94 Pics....(2/4/09)

Worlds Collide Boxing & MMA...Special Offer - Feb. 14th(2/3/09)

King of the Cage - Feb. 26th(2/3/09)

Shooto - March 20th(2/3/09)

Showtime Boxing: Bradley vs. Holt - April 4th(2/3/09)

Pancrase: Two Bouts Added - April 5th(2/2/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Henry vs. Mack - Feb. 6th(2/2/09)

Cage Wars: Decade - March 29th(2/2/09)

Cage Force Updated Line-up - Feb. 28th(2/2/09)

DEEP 40 Updated Card - Feb. 20th(2/2/09)

Grappling X Upcoming Tournaments(2/2/09)

N.E.F.'s KIMO Offers To Rescue CSAC(2/2/09)

Pancrase Results(2/2/09)

DEEP & CMA: Two Bouts Added - Feb. 10th(2/2/09)

Shooto Results(1/31/09)

UFC 94 Results(1/31/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Ngoudjo vs. Urango(1/31/09)

WCK Muay Thai Results(1/30/09)

NAAFS Caged Fury 6 - Feb. 21st(1/30/09)

Joe Lauzon Open Media Workout(1/30/09)

Championships of Poland Northern Zone Results(1/30/09)

TapouT: Party with us this Weekend(1/30/09)

Kombat League World Cup 2009 - May 1-3rd(1/30/09)

MMA Expo: Ontario Grappling Tournaments (Canada)(1/30/09)

Grappling X: R.I.P. Helio Gracie(1/29/09)

World Championship Fighting - March 14th(1/29/09)

Muay Thai School USA Grand Opening - Feb. 1st(1/28/09)

Sengoku Updated Card - March 20th(1/28/09)

Grappling X Tournaments with a....Guarantee(1/28/09)

Shoot Boxing: Updated Line-up - Feb. 11th(1/28/09)

Southwest Grapplefest II - March 28th(1/28/09)

Fighting Politics Documentary - Feb. 10th(1/28/09)

Gladiator Challenge - February 4th(1/26/09)

Cage Force - Feb. 28th(1/26/09)

HBO Boxing: Angulo vs. Mayorga - Feb. 14th(1/26/09)

WEC Results(1/26/09)

ShoBox: Ward vs. Buchanan - Feb. 6th(1/26/09)

Affliction Results Press Release(1/26/09)

ZST 19 Results(1/26/09)

Affliction: Fedor Rocks Arlovski...(Results)(1/24/09)

Affliction Results(1/24/09)

HBO Boxing Result: Margarito vs. Mosley(1/24/09)

Affliction: Fedor vs. Arlovski - Jan. 24th(1/23/09)

Affliction: AV Live Streaming 10am PT Today(1/23/09)

Affliction D.O.R. Weigh-ins(1/23/09)

Sengoku - March 20th(1/23/09)

DEEP & CMA: Three Bouts Added - Feb. 10th(1/23/09)

FCE: MMA Returns To Joe's Bar - Feb. 26th(1/22/09)

C3 Full Contact Fighting - Feb. 7th(1/22/09)

K-1 Max: Two Bouts Added - Feb. 23rd(1/22/09)

Affliction: Barnett vs. Yvel - Jan. 24th(1/22/09)

Pancrase - April 5th(1/22/09)

Apocalypse III - February 6th(1/22/09)

Affliction: Belfort vs. Lindland - Jan. 24th(1/21/09)

Urban Rumble: Sam Hogar Returns... - Jan. 24th(1/21/09)

Affliction: Babalu vs. Sokoudjou - Jan. 24th(1/21/09)

Affliction: Final Press Conference - Jan. 24th(1/21/09)

Affliction: Fedor Opens Nasdaq(1/21/09)

Shoot Boxing Updated Line-up - Feb. 11th(1/20/09)

Affliction: NY City Press Conference(1/20/09)

Affliction: Fedor in NY - Jan. 24th(1/20/09)

Don Team Argentina - Pablo Frazetta Highlight Vid1/19/09)

"Rumble in Race Town" - February 14th(1/19/09)

Shooto - Feb. 28th(1/19/09)

Affliction D.O.R. Live Stream - January 21st(1/19/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Ngoudjo vs. Urango - Jan. 30th(1/19/09)

Affliction: D.O.R. Live Stream - Fedor - Jan. 19th(1/19/09)

Jewels - Feb. 4th(1/19/09)

Shooto Results(1/18/09)

Affliction Banned Live Video Stream - Jan. 18th(1/18/09)

HBO Boxing Result: Berto vs. Collazo - Jan. 17th(1/17/09)

UFC 93 Results(1/17/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Albert vs. Sanders(1/16/09)

ShoBox Results: Miranda vs. Cruz(1/16/09)

CSC: Southwest Grapplefest II - Match 28th(1/16/09)

Grappling X: Six Upcoming Events(1/16/09)

DEEP & CMA - Feb. 10th(1/16/09)

ZST 19 - Jan. 25th(1/16/09)

Night of Gladiators IV - April 25th(1/15/09)

Shoot Boxing - Feb. 11th(1/15/09)

NAFA: Abu Dhabi Trials Jiu-Jitsu - Feb. 28th(1/15/09)

DEEP 40 Impact - February 20th(1/15/09)

Fighting Arts News: Seminars, UC UK, SENI.....(1/15/09)

Revolution Fighting Championships - February 20th(1/15/09)

Iroquois MMA Championships - Jan. 24th(1/15/09)

K-1 World Max Tourney Match-ups - Feb. 23rd1/14/09)

Affliction Promo Videos \ Line-up - Jan. 24th(1/13/09)

K-1 Max Japan Tourney Participants - Feb. 23rd(1/13/09)

FCE MMA - Feb. 5th1/12/09)

Ian Freeman Seminar - Jan. 17th1/12/09)

Grappling X: Judo Seminar - Jan. 17th1/12/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Albert vs. Sanders - Jan. 16th(1/12/09)

Grappling X Results: January 10th(1/12/09)

"Mr. Unbreakable" Brian Warren Promo Videos(1/12/09)

Kombat League World Cup - May 1-3rd(1/11/09)

DEEP & CMA - Feb. 10th(1/11/09)

Pancrase: One Bout Added - Feb. 1st(1/10/09)

ESPN2 Boxing Results: Gamboa vs. Gonzalez(1/9/09)

Shooto: One Bout Added - Jan. 18th(1/9/09)

W1 MMA: Trials & UFC 94 Viewing Party - Jan. 31st(1/8/09)

Pancrase Updated Line-up - February 1st(1/8/09)

Shooto - March 8th(1/8/09)

Shooto - March 22nd(1/8/09)

WCK Full Rules Mauy Thai - Jan. 29th(1/7/09)

Long Beach Fight Night Results(1/7/09)

Shooto - January 31st(1/6/09)

Fist Series 2009 Season Seat Offer(1/6/09)

Shooto Updated Card - Jan. 18th(1/6/09)

Grappling X: Pankration & Submission - Jan. 10th(1/5/09)

ESPN2 Boxing: Gamboa vs. Gonzalez - Jan. 9th(1/5/09)

Lauzon Headlines UFC Fight NIght - Feb. 7th(1/5/09)

W1 MMA: Ticket Presale! - March 28th(1/4/09)

Sengoku Results(1/4/09)

ShoBox: Miranda vs. Cruz - Jan. 16th(1/4/09)

Corral's Combat Classic - Jan. 10th(1/4/09)

Cage of Fire 15 - Feb. 7th(1/4/09)



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