Cage of Fire II

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July 9, 2006

Baby Rock Discotheque & Night Club

Tijuana, Mexico



Another Great event from promoters extraordinaire Tony Perez and Juan Noriega - Full house, Great

Action, Beautiful ring girls - it's easy to see why Perez and Noriega consistently produce the Best MMA

in Mexico.


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Fight 1 - Larry Maya vs. Guillermo Smith

Fight 2 - Rick Screeton vs. Isaac Peralta

Fight 3 - Daniel Morales vs. Mike Crutchfield

Fight 4 - Jose Guardado vs. Raul Peralta

Fight 5 - Ulises Cortez vs. Frank Duffy

Fight 6 - Ronald LeBretton Jr. vs. Miguel Medrano

Fight 7 - Marco Soto vs. Joel Duenas

Fight 8 - Andrew Flores vs. Odell Mixon

Fight  9 - Sean Loeffler vs. Brandon Gonzales

Fight 10 - Iuri Silva vs. Dominique Robinson

Fight 11 - Raphael Davis vs. Mike Martelle

Fight 12 - Antonio Duarte vs. Jesse Miramontes

Fight 13 - Rafael Salomao vs. Andrew Sanchez

Fight 14 - Albert Rios vs. Kyle Olsen

Fight 15 - Adolfo De La Torre vs. Greg White

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