Brazilian Sensation Zuluzinho

To Fight At Cagewarriors Strike Force 2 This Saturday

July 16, 2005

Skydome Arena

Coventry, England



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Cagewarriors are proud to announce that that another Brazilian behemoth will be following in the footsteps of

Antonio Silva Junior by fighting on a Cagewarriors branded show, as this coming Saturday will see the

Cagewarriors debut of the 6ft 5in/200cm tall, 341lbs/155kg Zuluzinho.


Zuluzinho is already famous for being the son of the infamous Brazilian fighter Rei Zulu, who was defeated

by the legendary Rickson Gracie in the 1980s. Like his Father, Zuluzinho already has a reputation as a

tough fighter and he boasts of a 34-0 (with 34 KOs) fight record, although this cannot be verified. However he

does hold a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has trained in the past with the Brazilian Boxing team

which gives him on paper a good range of skills to display inside the CWFC Octagon.


Zuluzinho was convinced to come to the UK by Anthony McGann the co-owner of the Wolfslair Academy (and head of the Cagewarriors Pro Fight Team) who on a recent trip

to Brazil met Zuluzinho and talked him into fighting at Cagewarriors. McGann was previously responsible for

bringing the outstanding Antonio Silva Junior to the UK back in late 2004. However, one could argue that

McGann has surpassed himself this time round by bringing Zuluzinho to fight and represent the state-of-the-

art Wolfslair Academy in the UK on such short notice.


Due to his family history and imposing size, Zuluzinho has already caught the eye of many within the MMA

scene but has decided to fight at Cagewarriors where he will be facing the 265lbs/120kg Polish powerhouse

Rafal Dabrowski.


The entire Cagewarriors team would like to thank Rafal for accepting this fight as he was originally lined up

to face Antonio Silvia Junior and later on Feddy Sukata who pulled out this week due to injury. However,

instead of backing out, Dabrowski underlined his warrior sprit by accepting a fight with the man some have

already labelled The Brazilian Bob Sapp." Both men are now ready to test their skills in the 32ft CWFC

Octagon in what should be another highly anticipated clash of the giants at Cagewarriors Strike Force 2, at

the Skydome Arena, Coventry, England on the 16th July.


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Event Information
- Cagewarriors Strike Force 2

  Saturday 16th July 2005

  Skydome Arena

  Croft Road


  CV1 3AZ.

VIP Table Prices

- 1000 - Ringside VIP Table - SOLD OUT

- 750 - Outer Ringside Table

- 500 - VIP Table

- 350 - Table

VIP Ticket Hotline - 07881 552525


Standard Ticket Prices

- 30 - Family Ticket based on 2 Adults and 2 Children

- 20

- 10

Ticket Hotline - 02476 630 693


Doors Open at 5pm - Event starts 6.30pm

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