Cagewarriors: Strike Force 3 - The Viking Invasion

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Pictures by Robert Swann

October 1, 2005

Skydome Arena

Coventry, England



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Fight 1 - Darren Spencer vs. Kristian Lexell

Fight 2 - Ross Pointon vs. Jerome Laulan

Fight 3 - Marc Goddard vs. Henrique Nogueira

Fight 4 - Alexandre Izidro vs. Jani Lax

Fight 5 - Josenildo Ramarho vs. David Bielkheden


Fight 6 - Jim Wallhead vs. Steve Singh-Sidhu

Fight 7 - Tom Blackledge vs. Tengiz Tedoradze

Fight 8 - Dan Hardy vs. Diego Gonzales

Fight 9 - Kash Singh-Sidhu vs. Kyle Davis

Fight 10 - Michael Bisping vs. Jakob Lovstad

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