4th Annual California Pankration Championships

All Martial Arts Welcome

Karate Judo Jiu-Jitsu Wrestling Kung Fu Kempo -

Body Strikes Takedowns Submissions


August 27, 2005

Camp Pendleton, California


**Double Elimination Tournament**


- Men's Beginner 1 year or less total training

- Men's Open Over 1 year training - Amateur only

- Kids & Teens Divided by age groups

  *Weight divisions to be determined day of competition*


- $35 Military and Kids

- $45 all other

- Free T-Shirt for all who Pre-Register


- Shorts/ T-shirt or Traditional Martial Arts attire

  **Cup and Mouthpiece mandatory**

- Gloves will be provided or bring your own

- Wrestling or Martial Arts shoes optional

- Wrestling head gear, Knee/elbow pads & shin guards optional


Weigh in and last minute registration:

- Aug. 27, 2005 @ 9:00 A.M.

  52 Area Gymnasium (San Onofre)

  Bldg. 520415


- I-5 Freeway to San Diego / Orange County line

  Exit Basilone Rd. - Enter Camp Pendleton/ San Onofre gate - Follow Basilone Rd. a few miles to School

  of Infantry - Gym is on left side of the road.



- From socalpankration with a little editing from us (color, highlights, etc...)