Dennis Warner, In Sync Productions and United Mixed Martial Arts Present

California Xtreme Fighting

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April 29, 2006

Upland Arena

1721 West 11th Street

Upland, California



The inaugural California Xtreme Fighting, the Inland Empire's first sanctioned MMA event, was a very well

organized show which treated the sold out venue to 10 great fights - But that's what we've come to expect

from promoter extraordinaire Dennis Warner (promoter of World Championship Kickboxing and World

Championship Muay Thai). This was his first MMA promotion along with In Sync Productions and United

Mixed Martial Arts. And during the event, it was announced that Muay Thai standout Malaipet MTA's next

fight will be a Mixed Martial Arts bout - And although Malaipet was being courted by another organization to

fight in the Octagon, Malaipet chose the next CXF for his MMA debut. Also, former Muay Thai champion

William "The Bull" Sriyapai will be returning to MMA action, also at the next CXF. Some notables in

attendance included Open-weight King of Pancrase Champion Josh Barnett and Hero's veteran Antonio



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Fight 1 - Rick McCorkell vs. Maurice Eazel

Fight 2 - Victor Valenzuela vs. Juan Rivas

Fight 3 - Bryan Joplin vs. Brett Cooper

Fight 4 - Joey Alvarado vs. Seth Dikun

Fight 5 - Danny Suarez vs. Lemans Wells

Fight 6 - Vince Guzman vs. Joseph Ambrose

Fight  7 - Jerred Hammon vs. Ray Lazama

Fight  8 - Art Santore vs. Jay Martinez

Fight  9 - Camilo Rivera vs. Naphi Mohammad

Fight 10 - Chris Armanta vs. Jason Zickerman  

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