Combat Sports International and UFC Team Up for Second Season



Spike TV’s hard-hitting reality show, The Ultimate Fighter™, is back for a second season, and continuing

the partnership already established with the UFC, Combat Sports International has been chosen as the

exclusive supplier of the training equipment that the athletes will be using throughout the series. Legions of

mixed martial artists are eagerly anticipating the series’ return, and Combat Sports International is excited

about being a part of it.

UFC TUF 2 Coach

Matt Hughes


Scheduled to premier August 22, Combat Sports International grappling gloves, shin-instep guards and

training gloves will support and protect the athletes as they compete to reach the greatest stage in MMA

sports - the UFC Octagon.


“We’re thrilled to work with the UFC. They have set themselves apart as the world’s leading professional

mixed martial arts association. Combat Sports International shares the same attitude, as we, too, are the

leaders in our industry. It’s one of the reasons why the UFC and Combat Sports International have such a

strong partnership,” said Joe Taylor, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Combat Sports



Combat Sports International supplies equipment engineered for the performance athlete. Providing every

piece of equipment needed for the grappling, striking and traditional arts, Combat Sports International is the

only source for top-quality competitive gear. This comprehensive line of performance gear is offered in the

CSI Catalog or online. Call 877-8-COMBAT or go to to order or request a catalog.


- From Combat Sports International with a little editing from us (highlights, color, etc...)