De La O Jiu-Jitsu Interviews

Tom Kenney - John De La O - Illiums Goglia

Plus A Special Video Technique Tip from Mr. De La O


DELAO Jiu-Jitsu Training Center

8381 Katella Ave. # E

Stanton, CA 90680



Yesterday, we had the pleasure of visiting 4th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt John De La O's new

dojo in Stanton, California. The new dojo sports a full sized ring and a grappling area on the first floor while

there is a dedicated grappling area on the second floor - a great environment to train.


Mr. De La O, an MMA veteran himself,  has two fighters participating in this Sunday's King of the Cage -

Tom Kenney (one of KOTC's top 170 lb'ers) and Illiums Goglia (making his debut). We were lucky enough

to chat with all three - Mr. Kenney talks about his upcoming bout against Aaron Torres while Mr. De La O

and Mr. Goglia speak on the new dojo location and Mr. Goglia's upcoming debut against Nick Devonso.


Plus, Mr. De La O was kind enough to share with us a great technique from his arsenal - the rolling straight

armbar. would like to Thank Mr. De La O, Mr. Kenney and Mr. Goglia for taking time out of their

busy schedule to talk to us plus we'd also like to Thank all the guys at De La O Jiu-Jitsu for their great

hospitality. For more information on the school, call or visit:


DELAO Jiu-Jitsu Training Center

8381 Katella Ave. # E

Stanton, CA 90680

Phone: (714) 527-1845

Fax: (714) 527-1882


Tom Kenney Interview 

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 De La O & Goglia Interview

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* would like to apologize to Mr. Goglia for misspelling his first name on the video slate -

    we will correct the problem as soon as possible.