In most martial arts, belts are given to signify the rank of the individual. Not all martial arts use the same

color scheme to signify the same rank. Usually the belt color White denotes a beginner in the art and Black

as an expert (and all the colors in between vary from art to art).



The uniform that the individual uses to practice the art. Some are lightweight as in Tae Kwon Do or Kung

Fu  while others are thick and heavy as in Jiu-Jitsu and Judo.




Used to cover the hands in combat. In boxing, the gloves enclose the entire hand up to the wrist with a

moderate amount of padding around the knuckle area. In Mixed Martial Arts, the gloves have minimal

padding around the knuckle area as well as having the fingers protrude through the glove to be able to




Head Gear

Usually a padded helmet like hat used to protect an individual from strikes to the head. Head Gear can be

opened face with no protection for the cheek area or closed face with pads to protect the cheek area.

Usually worn in practice to avoid injury (especially boxing). Used in all amateur boxing events and some

non-grappling martial arts events.



Mouth Piece

A piece of soft rubber or plastic type material inserted into the mouth to protect the teeth of the individual.




Same as Gi