One Nation MMA Puerto Rico...

Welcomed Fight Legion




One Nation MMA Puerto Rico and his owner Ramón Vázquez welcomed Fight Legion, UFC veteran and

MFC fighter Rodney "Sho Nuff The Master" Wallace. Sho Nuff was invited to work with LA Rigging and

Stunts, training his guys in MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Wallace is also sharpening his Boxing skills

training under legendary Boxing coach Felix Pagán Pintor. Under his tutelage are fighters like World Hall

of Fame, Wilfredo "Bazooka" Gómez, and former Word Champion Iván "Iron Boy" Calderón.


With Wallace training students at his own school in Salisbury NC, he Expects to unify with One Nation and

help spread some knowledge to the growing MMA industry in Puerto Rico. Ramón Vázquez, leading the

charge to educate the island of the growing sport, is bringing in all the available talent to create champions

on the island. “It has been one funniest experience I have had in this sport. The guys out there are so eager

to learn. I think my relationship with One Nation MMA will be long and good for the students there. I want to

thank Ramón Vázquez, Cesar Vázquez and Raúl Alcocer of LA Rigging & Stunts and Jonathan

Castellano for the hospitality.”




- Press Release from Fight Legion

- Photos Courtesy of Fight Legion