Fight Party

"Full Throttle III" Line-up

(MMA event)


July 15, 2005

Wild Bill's Atlanta - 8:30pm

2075 Market Street

Duluth, Georgia

Age requirement to enter: 18 and over



Ticket are available online at  For further information, visit:


Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1

Trey Brown (Team Praxis) vs. Sean Connor (Tallahassee Fight Club)


Fight 2

Scott Harper (Team Praxis) vs. Ali Radwan (Flow Fighting Systems)


Fight 3

Juan Guevara (Tiger) vs. Jeremy Parrish (USA Martial Arts)


Fight 4

Frank Millsap (Velocity) vs. Chris Conolley (Steel City Fitness)


Fight 5

Ben Morrell (Eagle) vs. Chris Herring (Gorilla Nation)


Fight 6

Jerome Smith (Hudson) vs. Jimmy Dean (Alabama)


Fight 7

Cole Miller (Team Praxis) vs. Chris Mickle (Demoines Extreme Fight Team)


Fight 8

T.J. Cook (USA Martial Arts) vs. Rich Dalton (Team Quam)


Fight 9

Thiago Goncalves (ATT) vs. Braden Workman (Team Jorge Gurgel)


Fight 10

Efrain Ruiz (FFA ) vs. Matt Santos (Team Santos)


Fight 11

Junior Assuncao (Velocity) vs. Dustin Hazelett (Team Jorge Gurgel)


Fight 12

Jeff Bedard (Creighton Martial Arts) vs. Dan Swift (Team Jorge Gurgel) 


Fight 13

Steve Headden (Velocity) vs. Quincy Sutton (Trammell's)


Fight 14

Rory Singer (Hardcore Gym)  vs. Josh Tamsen (Freelance)


Fight 15

Charles McCarthy (FFA) vs. Mike Van Meer (Demoines Extreme Fight Team)





Card subject to change