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Haye Klitschko This Weekend Plus

Enter the Battle Hits Our Screens!




The first face off was at SENI!



Haye & Klitschko meet this weekend in one of the most anticipated and biggest heavyweight boxing

showdowns. As a Brit and regular at SENI expo we are firmly behind David in his quest to unify the

heavyweight belts. Check out the Behind the Ropes documentary which shows images of their face off at

Seni in 2008 at The Fight For Peace Press Conference!


The question is, will David return to SENI 2012 as champ? We believe and hope he will!!


Behind the Scenes Documentary


Haye Klitschko SENI face off



Enter the Battle airs this Sunday!



Enter the battle teamed up with Fighters Inc to deliver a unique event production at the O2 in December 2010

matching Breakers v martial artists! See the event in all its glory as it airs on BiB, Sky channel 275 this

Sunday!. BiB will air Enter the Battle over 6 programmes the first of which is at 9pm this Sunday.

Check out for more details on the 2011 event.



Arm Wars secures Series 3 with Eurosport as Series 1 begins to air in UK!



Arm Wars Pro Super Series, Eurosports weekly look at the world of professional armwrestling each and

every Thursday at 8:30pm has been broadcasting for nearly 2 years with 100+ programmes aired and

Fighters Inc are pleased to announce that a 3rd Series has been agreed to air across pan Europe, Asia and

South America.


Arm Wars Series 1 will also begin to air weekly on BiB Channel 275 starting this Sunday at 10pm so

if you want to check out the early shows then tune in on Sunday!


The next Arm Wars event will take place at the Trafford Centre in Manchester on 23/24 July which will be the

first of the Series 3 events and then progress to Spain, USA, Germany and Lativa before finishing Series 3 at

Show of Strength in London at SENI2012!


Show of Strength will also host Miami Pro and Worlds Strongest Man Experience. or






- Press Release from Fighters Inc

- Photo courtesy of Fighters Inc







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