Fighting Words:

In-Depth Interviews with the Biggest Names in Mixed Martial Arts

By Mike Straka



New York, NY (July 28, 2011) - Mixed Marital Arts is unquestionably the fastest growing sport in the world

today. What was once considered an underground movement has gone mainstream, with television networks

and Madison Ave. ad agencies vying to out-maneuver one another to land the biggest names and best

promotions in the game. From ESPN to FOX Sports, CBS, Spike TV, MTV2, VS and Showtime, MMA has

become one of the hottest television properties due to its rabid following of millions of 18-34 year old male

viewers - the most valuable demographic to advertisers.


Mike Straka, host of HDNet's Fighting Words, sits down with the men who have shaped one of the fastest-

growing sports on the planet in his new book Fighting Words: In-Depth Interviews with the Biggest Names in

Mixed Martial Arts. Through some of the most comprehensive and entertaining interviews ever recorded with

MMA's biggest names, Straka paints a full picture of this incredibly unique and highly entertaining sport.

Inside you'll find interviews with many of the giants of MMA, including:


Chuck Liddell

Randy Couture

Cain Velasquez

Frankie Edgar

Dana White

Renzo Gracie

Ken Shamrock

Frank Shamrock

Bas Rutten

Jon Jones


Straka is one of the first mainstream journalists to cover MMA. A former on-camera journalist for Fox News,

Straka has covered everything from the Olympics to the Oscars. When his profile as an MMA broadcaster

rose alongside the sport itself, he left behind his Fox duties to begin covering MMA full-time for several

outlets, including TapouTTM TV, FIGHT! Magazine and He has interviewed hundreds of MMA

fighters, promoters and business managers. Fighting Words: In-Depth Interviews with the Biggest Names in

Mixed Martial Arts is the first book to gather together the best interviews from the most popular people who

Straka has worked with in MMA.


About the Author:

Mike Straka is the senior vice president of media and entertainment at Authentic Brands Group, representing

TapouT, the leading lifestyle and apparel brand in mixed martial arts, as well as Iron Star, Hitman Fight Gear,

Silver Star, and Marilyn Monroe. Straka is also the host of TapouT News on and Fighting Words

with Mike Straka on HDNet. Mike lives in New Jersey with his wife, Emily, daughters, Maxine and Olive,

cats, Puck and Peaseblossom, and their yellow Lab, Abby.


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