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Mike Crisman Responds To James Irvin's Comments On Controversial Fight


January 29, 2011

Elko Indian Gym

Elko, Nevada



Recently, a controversial finish took place in the main event of "Young Guns 4" in Elko, Nevada.

UFC/Strikeforce veteran James "The Sandman" Irvin battled local tough guy Mike Crisman in a highly-

anticipated bout. That much is agreed on.


From there, Irvin and Crisman differ on what happened. Special guest referee and MMA legend Ken

Shamrock disqualified "The Sandman" for an illegal knee. Irvin doesn't agree with the call, and Crisman feels

he hurt Irvin a lot more than he'd like to admit.


Below are Mike Crisman's thoughts on the fight:


"My view of the fight is we came out he came swinging hard. I slipped his straight right and countered with

a left hook that dropped him within like 6-10 seconds. He hit the ground and recovered pretty fast. He got

back to his feet before I could try to react, and we exchanged again and again. I got the better of it,

countering with another le ft hook. I then threw a lazy leg kick, which he caught and took me down. I had

him in my guard, and he did a little ground and pound. He stood up, and I up-kicked him a couple times. He

landed a little more ground and pound, which didn't faze me at all. I scrambled to get up, and was on my

hands and knees.


Next thing I know, he knees me in my head when I was down. I don't get where he says he was beating the

brakes off me…ha ha. I've seen a lot of his interviews, and that's all he says. It really makes me laugh. I

mean, yeah, he got a great knee to my head, and I was dazed, but so would he if I kneed him in his head

illegally like that. I don't get why he thinks it wasn't illegal. Does he not know you can't knee to the head of a

down opponent? He should. He's been in the sport for a long time…you would think he knows the rules. I

think its funny that's all he can say is all that when he forgot to mention that I almost put him to sleep in six

seconds. Wasn't he suppose d to knock me out in eight seconds? Yeah, I read that interview, too…ha ha.

Oh, and I [apparently] need to write a death will. Well, I'm still alive and fighting…I didn't have a scratch on

me, either…ha ha.


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