July 22, 2005

Mali Losinj, Croatia



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Gold Liga, a presentation of Kickboxing and MMA bouts, will host its first show on July 22nd on the

Croatian island of Mali Losinj. Super League veteran Mario Princ, Kickboxing and Free Fight Night single

fight winner Zoran Majkic and Trbovlje veteran Ivan Brguljan are among those scheduled to participate.


Line up (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - Kickboxing Bout (-91kg / -200.62 lbs) - Low Kick Rules

Zoran Dorcic (KBK Klana) vs. Valentino Venturini (KBK King - Poree)


Fight 2 - Kickboxing Bout (+91kg / +200.62 lbs) - Low Kick Rules

Marin Dosen (KBK Sv.Mate - Viskovo) vs. Tomica Paladin (KBK King - Poree)


Fight 3 - Kickboxing Bout (-91kg / -200.62 lbs) - Low Kick Rules

Ivan Stanic (KBK  Klana) vs. Igor Jurkovic (KBK King - Poree)


Fight 4 - Kickboxing Prestige Bout (-73kg / -160.94 lbs)

Mario Princ (KBK Klana) vs. Marco Santi (Italy)


Fight 5 - Kickboxing Prestige Bout (+91kg / +200.62 lbs)

Zoran Majkic (KBK Klana) vs. Ismet Avdic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Fight 6 - MMA Bout (-81kg \ -178.57 lbs)

Ivan Brguljan (Opatija) vs. Kliman (KBK King - Poree)


Fight 7 - MMA Bout (-86kg \ -189.6 lbs)

Goran Blagojevic (Mali Losinj) vs. Zoran Rupcic (Cres)


Fight 8 - MMA Bout (-71kg \ 156.53 lbs)

Mario Matanic (KBK Sv.Mate -Viskovo) vs. Neven Ucovic (M.Losinj)


Fight 9 - MMA Bout (+91kg \ +200.62 lbs)

Mario Josipovic (KBK Sv.Mate - Viskovo) vs. Slaven Kupina (M.Losinj)


Card subject to change