K-1 Final Fight

"Varnica vs. Goodridge"

Event Cancelled

June 19, 2005

Zagreb, Croatia



Our good friends over at Ultimatefighting.tk just informed us that K-1 Final Fight has been cancelled. The

reason behind the cancellation was that Gary Goodridge injured himself during training and could not

participate in the event. So without the main event, the promoter decided to cancel the entire show.


Event Cancelled

Line-up (all bouts were to be under K-1 Rules):

Fight 1

Frane Radnic (Croatia) vs. Denis Marjanovic (Bosnia)


Fight 2

Mario Princ (Croatia) vs. Aleksandar Popovic (Serbia)


Fight 3

Mladen Brestovac (Croatia) vs. Evgeniy Orlov (Russia)


Fight 4

Sergei Gur (Belarus) vs. Ninel Ianculescu (Romania)


Fight 5

Ivica Perkovic (Croatia) vs. Tony Gregory (France)


Fight 6

Azem Maksukaj (Switzerland) vs. Dzevad Poturak (Bosnia)


Fight 7

Peter Graham (Australia) vs. Petar Majstorovic (Switzerland)


Fight 8

Ante Varnica (Croatia) vs. Gary Goodridge (Canada)




Subject to change