XXIst Century Gladiators

Kings of the Ring "Mission Impossible"

Letter from KOTR Promoter

June 4, 2005

Dom Sportova

Zagreb, Croatia



- From XX!st Century Gladiators with a little editing from us (color, highlights, etc...)



Despite of all of the problems which we were confronted in realization of the historical show for Croatia in

professional boxing, we can say that MISSION IMPOSSIBLE was a complete success.

It's a pity that some of planned and already confirmed and contracted fighters such as Ramon Dekkers,

Mike McDonald, Gary Goodridge, Tom Erikson and Peter Graham could not take part at the last

moment and participate in making this show more spectacular, but, even without them there were some

great fights with fighters who will for sure take their deserved high place in the world of K-1, K-1 Max, Muay

Thai and MMA (Cheik Kongo, Aswin Balrak, Attila Karacs, Goran Borovic, Sofiane Allouche, Yassine

Benhadj, Yoddenchai Sitpholek, Vincent Vielvoye, Ivan Strugar, Leonard Sitpholek).


Now, after my show is finished and K-1 FINAL FIGHT show announced for 19.06.2005 (also in Zagreb), all

cards are on the table and is completely clear why Man-Magazine and people around them and K-1 were

trying so hard to stop KINGS OF THE RING in Zagreb !


After they saw announcement on internet and what fighters should fight on my show, they started their dirty

games in order to block as more as possible fighters. First on the line was Mike McDonald which they were

announcing for their show as main fight after I made a deal with him to fight on my show. Of course, they

offered him two fights (Sweden in tournament - for what he need that tournament I don't understand and

main fight in Zagreb against unknown Croatian fighter !!). Mike tried to be very correct saying that he was

confused and that he was thinking that I am inviting him for 19.06. (June 19th) and not 04.06. (June 4th) but I

understood him and was OK from his side to tell me on time. The result we know, he got injured again in

Sweden and definitely was out for their show in Zagreb. They were announcing also Ignashov but we know

how he finished in Paris. After we had a problem with Ramon Dekkers (because of his contractual weight

and not money !) they used that situation (as that fight was biggest problem for them as they couldn't control

Ramon) to spread lies around the world that I am cheater and have no money to pay the fighters which has

created confusion among other fighters who were supposed to fight.


They tried to blackmail Attila Karacs saying he will never fight in K-1 if he comes to my show, even Peter

Varga came to show in Zagreb to make extra pressure on Attila. He fought but with all that pressure, he

was not the one which we know, and he lost a fight to an excellent opponent - Aswin Balrak.


Their masterpiece was blocking in last moment Gary Goodridge and Tom Erikson for which we knew on

airport when we were waiting for them and they didn't show ! Pity as there were planned two big MMA fights

with them but we succeeded to find replacement in last moment.


After we had so many problems and despite Peter Graham was contacted and confirmed for my show, I have

decided to cancel that fight (by the way, I already brought Graham to Kosovo to fight against Xavit Bajrami).


Now I see that the organizers in Zagreb is using Gary Goodridge and Peter Graham !! Maybe they

want to show who has the power to bring those fighters or maybe they have no ideas about

serious matchmaking and then they should copy it from those who know to do it better !!


I have to admit that I am not jealous or angry because of that but flattered when somebody is trying to copy

my promotional strategy and using my ideas for matchmaking (although their matchmaking has nothing to

do with quality and real matchmaking which I have planned) as it is proof that I am doing very good job.

Doesn't matter how many problems they have created to me, now I know that I am on right way as, if you are

not doing your job well, then nobody will care about you and your work. Now I know that they are so afraid of

me and my project, KINGS OF THE RING, although I don't see the reason why !!


Even under such circumstances, I wish them all the best with their show as if their show will be successful it

will be good not only for them but for me and others as well and I already know that my next show is going to

be at least twice better then their now.


Kings of the Ring is completely independent system based on the best and only true world

independent rankings open to any promoter or organization !!  We can work without any problem

with K-1, PRIDE, Super League, It's Showtime, 2H2H, Grand Tournoi, A-1, S-1 or any other

promotional organization or federation (and we already work with some of them) doesn't matter

big or small !!


We are working for the benefit of this sport, fighters and promoters and not against them !! We

don't want to overtake any promotional image of any promoter but our goal is to help and give

extra opportunity to bring this sport on higher level and instead of so many "so called champions"

to present the real champions though real title fights - The Real Kings of the Ring !!


What is also important - We have time !


In the last three years, we did 27 high level title fights on 21 shows in Europe and till July this year,

we did already seven shows with nine Super Titles of which two shows took place in Thailand and

Australia !!


Thanks to excellent production, excellent matchmaking (specially with world title in boxing) and mixed

disciplines (which we were first to do it beginning of 1990 and now more and more promoters are doing the

same) the strongest national TV is ready to sign a long term contract, sponsors were happy and many

promoters from Europe and rest of the world are interest to work with and use KINGS OF THE RING system

for their own promotional projects.


Till the end of this year, there are already in preparation 4-5 shows in Croatia and in Europe and all over the

world around 10 shows where KINGS OF THE RING will be involved more or less.



Future belongs to KINGS OF THE RING system and such obstacles and dirty games will make us better

and stronger. We want to thank to all of you who support us and those who are against us, we inform that

they won't be able to stop us no matter what they do, as development of this sport they can't control or

block. Today, who is on top tomorrow can be down but KINGS OF THE RING will exist for long time and be

always on service to all of you who seriously want the best for our sport in the future.


And Most important - All fighters, Officials and sanctioning bodies on my show were paid in

advance and treated as Super Stars !!


Hopping to see you somewhere around the globe, I remain on your full disposal.



Managing Director, International promoter and matchmaker

Harry Gorian



- From XX!st Century Gladiators with a little editing from us (color, highlights, etc...)