Kings of the Ring

 "Mission Impossible"


June 4, 2005

Dom Sportova

Zagreb, Croatia



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Despite many problems with the fighters and with certain groups who tried to stop fighters and this show,

KINGS OF THE RING MISSION IMPOSSIBLE was a complete success. For sure the biggest and most

important show ever done in Croatia with the first World title bout in boxing, after 37 years, in Croatia !!

After legendary Mate Parlov, Stjepan Bozic succeeded to win WBF world title with large audience in front

TV cameras (LIVE on strongest TV in Croatia national HRT) in one of the most beautiful boxing fights that

recently happen in Europe. Nader Hamden from Australia proved that he wasn't ranked # 10 in the world by

the WBC for nothing and one of the best super middleweight fighters in Australia.


12 rounds of war which saw Bozic put his opponent down in 8th round and where they exchange a lot of

heavy punches. In the end, by unanimous decision by all three judges (115-112) Stjepan Bozic became

first ever World Champion to win the title in Zagreb (Croatia) after Independence!!


Beside that main fight, the show was full of excellent fights in other combat sports under oriental kick, Muay

Thai, K-1, K-1 Max and free fight rules. The fights were very good and equal - pitty that some fighters such

as Ramon Dekkers, Gary Goodridge and Tom Erikson pulled out in last moment as then it would be

complete spectacle.


First part of the show was done in cooperation with Canal+ and one of the biggest promoters in Europe

Samy Kebchi of France. Last qualification tournament -83 kg for big final 8-man World Grand Prix Grand

Tournoi in Paris on 7-2-05.


Pool A:
Frank Kanon (FRA) won on points over Ahmeti Labinot (A)

Vincent Vielvoye (NL) won on points over Bela Szantho (HUN)



Vincent Vielvoye (NL) won on points over Frank Kanon (FRA)


Pool B:

Ivan Strugar (SCG) won on points over Jiri Jaros (CZE)

Leonard Sitpholek (THAI) won by 1st round knockout over Dusan Virdzek (SLK)



Ivan Strugar (SCG) won by 2nd round knockout over Leonard Sitpholek (THAI)

Main Program:

Prestige Fight under professional boxing rules -72.5 kg

Vedran Akrap (CRO) won by 5th round TKO over Petko Marinov (BUL)


Prestige Fight under K-1 Max rules -70 kg

Yassine Benhadj (FRA) won by doctor stoppage (head injury) in 2nd round against Marko Kutlesa (CRO)


Prestige Fight under Muay Thai rules -61 kg

Yoddenchai Sitpholek (THAI) won on points over Dragan Subotic (CRO)


Super World Title King Of The Ring under free fight rules -103 kg

Cheik Kongo (FRA) won by 2nd round knockout over Gabor Nemeth (HUN) - Kongo became King Of The

Ring super world champion


Super World Title King Of The Ring under K-1 rules -105 kg

Aswin Balrak (NL) won a split decision (2-1) over Attila Karacs (HUN) - Balrak became King Of The Ring

super world champion


Super World Title King Of The Ring under oriental kick rules -72.5 kg

Goran Borovic (CRO) won on points over Sofiane Allouche (FRA) - Borovic became King Of The Ring

super world champion



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