Kings of the Ring

 "Mission Impossible"

Line-up Update

June 4, 2005

Dom Sportova

Zagreb, Croatia



The fight card is almost complete for this Saturday's Kings of the Ring (KOTR) event in Zagreb, Coratia. The

main event for the card will feature a boxing world title bout between Croatia's own Stjepan Bozic (16-1, 10

KO's) and Australia's Nader Hamdan (38-3, 17 KO's) for the vacant WBF Super Middleweight Title. Also,

Ramon Dekker will not be fighting Goran Borovic on the card - the good folks over at man-magazine

dropped us a line earlier this week and let us know that after reading Kings of the Ring's response to man-

magazine's original article that Mr. Dekker was not fighting in the event, that Mr. Dekker stands by his

original comments.


Line-up (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - Boxing: WBF Super Middleweight Title Bout (12 Rds)

Stjepan Bozic (16-1, 10 KO's) vs. Nader Hamdan (38-3, 17 KO's)


Fight 2 - KOTR Super World Title - Kick Rules Bout - 72.5 kg, 5x3'

Goran Borovic (Croatia) vs. Yassine Benhadj or Sofiane Allouche (France)


Fight 3 - KOTR Super World Title - Japanese Rules Bout - 105 kg, 5x3'

Aswin Balrak (Holland) vs. Attila Karacs (Hungary)


Fight 4 - KOTR Super World Title - Free Fight Rules Bout - 103 kg

Cheik Kongo (France) vs. Gabor (Hungary)


Fight 5 - KOTR Prestige Bout - Japanese Rules - 70 kg, 5x3'

Marko Kutlesa (Croatia) vs. Yassine Benhadj (France)


Fight 6 - KOTR Super Prestige Bout - Thai Box rules - 60 kg, 5x3'

Dragan Subotic (Croatia) vs. Yoddenchai Sitpholek (Thailand)


Fight 7 - KOTR Prestige Pro-Box Bout - (6 Rds)

Ismael Kerzazi (France) vs. Vedran Akrap (Croatia)


Fight 8 - Prestige Bout (Croatia vs. Hungary) - Ultimate Fight Rules - 60 kg

Emanuel Cibaric  vs. TBA


Fight 9 - Prestige Bout (Croatia vs. Hungary) - Ultimate Fight Rules - 95 kg

Marko Igrc  vs. TBA


Fight 10 - Prestige Bout (Croatia vs. Hungary) - Ultimate Fight Rules - 105 kg

Ante Maljkovic  vs. TBA


The following bouts are a qualifier tournament for the Grand Tournoi on July 7th in Paris, France. Bouts will

be under oriental kick rules, 3x3 min , 83 kg

Fight 11 - Bracket A

Jiri Jaros  vs. Frank Kanon


Fight 12 - Bracket A

Ahmeti Labinot   vs. Draženko Ninić


Fight 13 - Bracket B

Bela Szanto  vs. Vincent Vielvoye


Fight 14 - Bracket B

Dusan Virdzek  vs. Ivan Strugar




Card subject to change