Kombat League World Cup 2009


May 1 - May 3, 2009

105 Stadium

Rimini, Italy



The dedicated internet website will be ready January 15th



More than 40.000 USD prize


3 Event In The Biggest Fight Sports Event In Europe!!!

 The Kombat League World Cup Will Not Be Only Amateur,

In The Program Will Be Organize Two Professional Event

 First For Muay Thai And The Second For MMA


Onesongchai Muay Thai Professional Tournament May 2nd

Official Qualification for the Queen Birthday in Thailand August 12th

Ultimate Kombat League MMA Professional Fight Night May 1st



This first KL WORLD CUP sounds already like a really big event of world's fame.


Many are the foreign nationalities already booked for this event, and much more are the Italian Teams that

already from September started the season with a unique big goal.... Participating and gaining the victory!


The enormous interest is bigger than our expectations, and we forecast therefore an event of over 2000

fighters from all over the world. Hereunder the practiced disciplines:

Light Disciplines:

1. Semi contact

2. Light Contact

3. Kick Light

4. K-1 Light

5. Muay Thai Light

6. Sanda Light

7. Baby Kick


Full Contact Disciplines:

8. Full Contact

9. Kick Boxing

10. K-1

11. Muay Thai

12. Sanda



13. Kata

14. Kobudo

15. Kumite

16. Baby


Kung Fu:

17. Traditional Forms

18. Wushu

19. Forms with weapons


Krabi Krabong:

20. Fighting with weapons



21. Valetudo

22. Shootfighting



23. Submission / Wrestling

24. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


All fighters affiliated to any Federation and/or Promotional Association can participate to the event and the

competitors have the possibility to compete in more than one Discipline and weight category.








Kombat League is a very young federation; in only 4 years, we built up a very strong and numerous team,

which is working together with the goal of enriching the world of combat sport.


Kombat league was born from the union of an Italian promoters group, who together decided to create a

Federation inside which all their fighters can fight and have possibility of international career.


Kombat League has grown like this: from the top of the professionalism, which continues to be anyway one

of the most important sector for us, to the 700 fighters reached in Ariccia (RM) during our Final Italian

Championship last year, speaking about amateurs.


What Does The Word "Professionalism" Mean in Kombat League


Peter Aerts, Guest of K-1 European Max in Italy, Modena, May 10th 2008


K-1 European Max In Italy: Wonderful Hick kick of Thanit Im On against Marvin Sansaar


K-1 European Max In Italy: Strong middle kick from Mohamed Mojaid,

winner of the tournament, against Massimo Barone



Not Less Important The Amateur Events:


More than 200 enrolled to the KL National Meeting, April 24-25-26th 2008


More than 700 enrolled to the KL National amateur Championship, May 18th 2008, Ariccia (RM).


This year we raise even more the bet and we launch the first edition of Kombat League World Cup 2009,

dedicated to all rings' sports and martial arts, which will take place during the long week end of April 30th -

May 3rd, where we expect over 2000 participants.


The competitions' calendar of this year, that you can see directly on Kombat League Web site is even

more rich than the one of last year.


In fact, during season 2007/2008, the promotions has been over 120 and this year we expect around 180

events between professional galas and amateur championships.



- From Kombat League with a little editing from us (color, etc...)

- Photos courtesy of Kombat League




Subject to change