The Martial Arts Show Update

May 7th - 8th 2011






- LATESTNEWS!   Once You're In... Everything Else is FREE!


  Come and meet and even train with all our guest instructors at the show this weekend that are

  demonstrating and teaching FREE Seminars/Skill Share Sessions!


  With the exception of the Bob Sapp and Ross Pearson seminars, EVERYTHING at The Martial Arts Show

  Live is FREE, so book your ticket today, put the weekend of the 7th and 8th of May to one side and join us

  and thousands of others and have an amazing time at the the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in

  Birmingham! We have listed just SOME of the brilliant events you will witness once you are in through the

  show doors!


  If you are a Martial Artist - This amazing event has been designed just for you so get behind it

  and let's put martial arts back on the map!!


  Where else could you meet, greet, gain autographs from and TRAIN with; Bill Wallace, Cynthia Rothrock,

  Joe Lewis and 50+ other leading martial artists for the price of your £20 Admission Ticket???


  Not only that but you can have a full days entertainment, 100's of demo's fights and exhibitions all for FREE

  once you get your ticket for this two hall showcase of amazing martial arts talent.


  Get your SHOW TICKETS here or visit our website here





Don't miss this huge annual event, The BBC and Channel 4 have

decided their going to be there! They will be there scouting for various

future stars of martial arts so if you have a desire to be on TV or an

interesting story to relate to them?


"Come and Talk to Them Directly Only At TMAS Live! "








- The 'REAL' Shaolin Warriors

  A fully choreographed spectacular that features the 22 professionally trained Kung Fu Masters

  over a weekend of exhilerating action!


  You will be amazed and thrilled by their death defying Kung Fu disciplines such as qigong, animal imitation

  boxing, drunken boxing, and fighting with 18 kinds of dangerous traditional weapons!


  Their shows are now a huge hit over 3 continents, and have been seen by over 500,000 people of all ages,

  and played to sell out audiences and standing ovations throughout the UK this show is a must see for

  family audiences and martial arts enthusiasts alike who have been excited and astounded by The Shaolin




- UKMF Championships

  Full Contact Muay Thai with a £10,000 Purse!

  The UKMF Four Nations Championship, being held at the NEC Birmingham as part of The Martial Arts

  Show Live will see 10 of the best fighters from the weekends championship event go onto to represent their

  country at the IFMA 2011 World Championships in Uzbekistan in September!





- Live World Record Attempts

  5 Incredible World Record Attempts featuring Peter Love, Grandmaster Dr Mak Yuree, Steve Butler,

  Manjit Singh and his prodigee Asha!


  Peter Love: Attempt to Snap Over 30 Chopsticks on His Throat in 60 Seconds!

  Dr Mak Yuree: Kicking Through 3 Baseball Bats With one single SHIN Kick!

  Steve Butler: Multiple Exercises in This Timed Strength & Endurance Challenge!

  Manjit Singh: Attempting a 10Kg Lift With His EYE SOCKET!

  Asha: The Most Concerete Blocks on Head in a Set Time by a Female!



- FILA Pankration Games

  Pankration, from the Greek words "Pan" and "Kratos" meaning "the one who controls everything", is

  a world heritage martial art, with the unique ability to legitimately trace its roots to the ancient Olympic

  Games from 648 BC to 393 SD.


  Today, pankration is developed by FILA as a mild form of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which forbids striking

  to the head and at The Martial Arst Show Live in just 4 days time... you can witness first hand a TRUE

  Olympic martial art, live, up close and personal!



- WEKAF & Arnis Alliance Championships

  The WEKAF Full Contact STICK FIGHTING Championships is a truely explosive martial arts

  spectacular that is the hard hitting, fast paced and great to spectate!


  If you've never seen these guys in action, you are in for an absolute TREAT as this is one of, if not THE,

  most spectacular forms of armed combat you will ever witness!



- £1000 Endurance Challenge

  Endurance Athelete Rajko Radovic has put up £1000 of his own money as the prize for any man or woman

  that can beat him LIVE on stage, shoulder pressing 20Kg dumbells!


  Need a Thousand Pound?! Have YOU Got What It Takes?! - Step up to our FREE to enter challenge!


- TMAS Live Fashion Show

  First of its kind! Gok Wan, Kate Soloman, Zara Phythian present the first TMAS Catwalk with LIVE

  performances from Addict Dance Group and our very own TMAS Performance Team!


  Our TMAS models will be walking down the TMAS catwalk showing off all the latest martial arts clothing

  collections from some of the biggest names in the manufacturing industry including Cimac-Adidas, Top

  Ten and Akuma!


  All the clothing and equipment being showcased will be available to purchase within our exhibition, so now

  you have a real chance to see LIVE, what your buying... before you buy it!



- David Vs Goliath

  After their 'heated words' at the TMAS press call a few weeks back Joe 'Silk' Cummins takes on Mr

  Olympia contender, (20 stone muscle mass leviathan)... Ernie Taylor, LIVE in the cage on Sunday the

  8th May in what seems now to be a grudge match, exclusively at our show!


  If you didn't catch the video last week... here it is again! (Check out the video footage!)



- Katie Owen Singing Live - In Association with Unseen TV

  Her 200,000 Facebook followers and fans describe Katie as “mesmerizing”, “magnetic”,

  “sultry” and “sensuous” - added together she’s Katie Owen - the pint sized pop star with one

  hell of a voice.


  Katie Owen is a rare talent; an intriguing mixed personality Katie Owen keeps us all guessing – a true

  Libran she is multi-faceted, a creature of light and dark, full of inspiration and charm and this unique blend

  is evident in her music.


  She is two sides of one coin –Yin and Yang – Katie is an intensely focused, infectiously relentless,

  electrifying individual yet her alter ego contradicts this by being languorous and impassive– she can be all

  of the above which explains why people simply say “there’s something about Katie…”




  ALL Our FREE Seminars, FREE Q&A Sessions and FREE Skill Share Sessions!


  You can find further details about schedules and who's teaching by visiting our website!


  Get your SHOW TICKETS here or visit our website here





- LATESTNEWS!   BAMMA Sign Up to The Martial Arts Show Live!


  As one of the UK's leading MMA organisations, BAMMA will be offering a strictly limited number

  of tickets for their next amazing event BAMMA 6 at a 50% discount rate for all Martial Arts

  Show Live visitors!


  As well as this, they will be bringing an incredible line up of MMA stars to the show to feature on their stand

  and various areas of interaction within the show itself, including the Cage Zone.


  Get your SHOW TICKETS here or visit our website here






- LATESTNEWS!   Check Out The Faces of TMAS Live 2011!


  Take a look online at all our guest instructors who will be at the show demonstrating AND

  providing FREE Seminars and Skill Share Sessions!


  We have thousands of martial artists coming to the show in just 4 days time and as announced last week,

  we have put together a 'Who's Coming' page on our website so you can see exactly WHO... will be

  teaching WHAT over the weekend - AND it's just been updated!


  All of the guests listed on this page will be at the show to meet, greet and teach anyone in attendance

  who wishes to take part! Whether you're a complete novice or an experienced instuctor, The Martial Arts

  Show Live is a melting pot for those wishing to trade skills, knowledge, opinions and concepts with the

  many martial artists involved!


  Network, Exchange Training Tips, Learn New Ones and take advantage of having thousands of martial

  artists under one roof!


  Get your SHOW TICKETS here or visit our website here






- LATESTNEWS!    GREAT Special Deals in Our Exhibition!

  With a massive 85 Exhibitors... you'll be able to get great deals on martial arts equipment and



  All of the exhibitors at the show will have special offers and vast range of merchandise available for sale so

  if you've been looking for somewhere where you can really TRY BEFORE YOU BUY, and get a great deal

  at the same time, make sure that you bring your pennies to bag yourself some real bargains!


  Get your SHOW TICKETS here or visit our website here






- LATESTNEWS!   FREE 'Walk In' Skill Share Sessions!


  EVEN IF YOU'RE PAYING ON THE DOOR, don't miss out on your chance to train with some of the

  most experienced and talented martial artists in the world... ABSOLUTELY FREE!


  Bring your kit and choose from our amazing selection of who you want to train with for FREE!


  Just like our seminars, our completely open walk-in 'Skill Share Sessions' allow you to drop in and out of

  as many different workshop seminars as you can handle throughout the whole weekend and yep, you

  guessed it... they're all ABSOLUTELY FREE!


  Whether you're an experienced practioner, a complete novice or an avid fan, The Martial Arts Show 'Live'

  caters for everyone so bring some training gear and get involved! View Skill Share Timetable


  Get your SHOW TICKETS here or visit our website here





- LATESTNEWS!   LAST PROMO CODE - Buy 5 Tickets & Pay for 4!


  With ONLY 4 Days to go until the doors open to the UK's largest Martial Arts Show in 2011, you

  can save £££'s by coming as a group of 5!


  Get the most out of this amazing special offer (FOR THE NEXT 2 DAYS ONLY) by inviting your friends

  to join you at The Martial Arts Show Live this weekend... May 7th & 8th at the NEC, Birmingham!



  Offer Only Valid Until May 5th 2011


  Invite your friends today using the promo code above and when your purchase FIVE adult tickets, we'll

  ONLY charge you for FOUR so you get one... ABSOLUTELY FREE! Purchase your tickets in advance to

  avoid long lines on the door and take advantage of this last promotional discount offer!


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- LATESTNEWS!   QUICK... Only 2 VIP TICKETS Remaining!


  Use yours to spend time with the VIPs in our Celebrity ONLY green room & bar!


  Your VIP Ticket will not only give you access to the greatest martial arts show in 2011... you will be able to

  meet, greet, converse and train with some of the greatest names in and out of the industry in our VIP

  Lounge and Bar which is situated right next to our Stage Zone!


  - Fast Track VIP Entrance

  - Fast Track Meet & Greet

  - FREE Seminars (of course!)

  - FREE Combat & Fighter Mags

  - Access to VIP Bar and Lounge


  VIP LOUNGE - MEET : Joe Lewis, Cynthia Rothrock, Bill Wallace, Bob Sapp, Ross Pearson, The Shaolin

  Warriors, Gok Wan and many others One-on-One!


  Ticket Prices: Single Day Pass - £75 | Weekend Pass - £100


  Get your VIP TICKETS here or visit our website here






- LATESTNEWS!    Fun For ALL The Family @ TMAS Live 2011


  Where else can you take the whole family out for the day for as little as £50?!

  The Martial Arts Show Live is committed to making the event cater for EVERYONE! So as well as the

  thousands of martial artists who will be in attendance... we have hundreds more families coming to take

  part in THE most interactive martial arts spectacular in the UK! Our latest promo code now gives families

  the opportunity to get together for as little £50!


  From Live Demo’s, Fights, Exhibitions, Tournaments and fascinating displays to our family friendly Martial

  Arts Games Zone... everyone will have something to keep them entertained ALL WEEKEND!


  Get your SHOW TICKETS here or visit our website here






- LATESTNEWS!    Getting to the NEC Couldn't be Easier!


  The NEC is accessable by Car, Coach, Plane or Train!


  The NEC is located in the middle of the UK, 8 miles East of Birmingham city centre – Fantastic, you could

  not wish for a more accessible place!


  If you’re coming to our venue from any part of the UK or flying in from overseas you will find that our

  central position is at the hub of the UK transport network; you can step directly onto our site from road,

  rail or air.







  Get your SHOW TICKETS here or visit our website here





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