MMA Sim Game


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NHB Fighting is an MMA (mixed martial arts) textual Flash sim for Windows (created by Marco



All you need to do is pick two fighters and read play-by-play. You can simulate matches under PRIDE,

UFC and K-1 rules, but there'll be more. There are over 300 fighters in the database, and you can edit them

as well as create new ones. You can download the sim at the  official website or at


Current version (0.95) features:

- Improved Stand Up AI (fighters will pull guard more often if they're taking a beating on their feet).

- Improvements in the Ground AI.

- Changes in the fighting engine in order to make the fights more competitive.

- No more draws in the tournaments. If they happen, there is an extra round where the judges will

  have to pick a winner.

- Every move comes now in a comma separated file that you can find on  the DATA/MOVES folder. Players

  are now able to edit name, accuracy, damage of every move, create new moves, etc.