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November 11, 2006

Caliente Race Track Arena

Tijuana, Mexico

Mari’s Minute

MMAX Fights Recap at the Caliente Race Track Arena in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


Hello fight fans! If your were bored on November 11th, the place to be was at the seventh edition of MMAX

Fights in Tijuana, Mexico. As soon as we got there, we knew there was going to be a good turn out - with a

huge line of fans waiting to get in. There were 13 fights scheduled for the event and as the “Palenque” filled

quickly with about 1,500 in attendance, the show was ready to begin. The event was also being broadcast

live on SKY network for all the fight fans in Mexico. The event started with some fireworks & beautiful

dancers who gave the men something to talk about. The it was time for action...


Fight 1: This first fight was suppose to be the beginning of the heavyweight tournament - Justin Carbor vs.

LuisBad MofoGarcia. It was announced that Luis Garcia didn’t show and therefore Carbor moved on to

the next round of the Heavyweight tournament. As Carbor came into the ring for the announcement, the

crowd started boooooooooing. Carbor, to his credit, was quick to get out of the ring to let the fights continue.


Fight 2: BenOrchataBeebe vs. Gerardo Xochiml. This was the second fight of the heavyweight

tournament. As the first round started, Xochiml tried to connect with some knees but was not

successful - Beebe did very well blocking Xochiml’s knees & overhand punches and in return, was able to

connect with a powerful right, left punch combination that knocked out Xochiml. The crowd reacted with a

roar of cheers - after all, this is what they were here to see (okay...maybe the ring girls too). Beebe wins in

the first round by knockout due to punches and moves on to the semi-final round of the heavyweight



Fight 3: Josh Tamsen vs. Chris Denisi. This was the third fight of the heavyweight tournament. Hey, didn’t I

just see Tamsen a few days ago at the No Limits tournament and lose royally to Julian Rush - yup, it's him.

The bell rang for the first round and Denisi began throwing punches - That’s all he needed to do because as

soon as he moved forward with his punching that took Josh to the ground, Denisi got on top and started

pounding away - the referee warned Josh to do something but it fell on deaf ears - Easy win for Denisi in

round one and he moves on to the semi-final round of the heavyweight tournament.


Fight 4: Lloyd Kadillac Marshbanks vs. Blue Monster. This was the fourth and last bout (of the first

round) of the heavyweight tournament. When the fighters came into the ring, I thought for a second I was

going to see a wrestling match from Mexico. Blue Monster came in dressed with a Blue Mask and Blue

wrestling pants. You don’t see that very often. The round started but the fighters didn’t. It took a while for

one of them to make a move. The fans started booing them and finally Kadillac goes for the take down and

succeeds and gets Blue Monster in a neck crank. Blue Monter couldn’t get out or didn’t appear to know

how and therefore tapped out immediately. Kadillac wins by tap out in the first round and moves on

to the semi-final round of the heavyweight tournament.


Fight 5: This bout was a Muay Thai fight which saw Gabriel Medina go up against Kenneth Alexander.

With the previous fights ending rather quickly, I was hoping for a change - at least a full round of action. The

fans got louder as it got later and more excited as the fights continued. The obvious crowd favorite was

Gabriel Medina who had about 80% of the fans cheering for him as he came into the ring going against a

tough fighter with a record of four wins and zero losses. Round one was a pretty even round - Alexander was

able to connect with his kicks that appeared to be hurting Medina. Medina, on the other hand, was able to

connect with some power punches that stunned Alexander. Alexander was able to keep Medina at a

distance with his kicks but when Medina came in he, was able to throw clean punches. As the bell rang for

round two, both fighters came in swinging at each other. After a series of punches from both ends, Medina

came in with a left knee to the forehead that stunned Alexander and followed up with a right hook to the chin

of Alexander. Medina’s right hook finished the job. Medina’s punch earned him the knock out win in the

second round. The doctor came in immediately to check on Alexander who was bleeding from the

forehead from the knee he received right before the knock out.


Fight 6: Yahir Reyes (crowd favorite) vs. Rick Screeton for the Vale Todo championship belt in the

bantamweight class. Reyes was defending his title in this match-up. Reyes started round one as the

aggressor - He came out pressing Screeton and eventually Reyes was able to take Screeton down to the

ground. While on the ground, Reyes was able to connect with some punches but didn’t appear to hurt

Screeton at all. But the tables appear to turn in round two. Screeton charged in for the take down and

succeeded. With Screeton now on top throwing a few punches, Reyes was able to grab the arm for an

outstanding arm bar submission. Screeton had no choice but to tap out. Reyes retains his championship

belt and a disappointed Screeton gets up with disbelief of what just occurred.


Fight 7: (Vale Todo). EdwinEl TigreAguilar vs. Jimmer Ricardo. Aguilar’s size just overpowered

Ricardo. As soon as the round began, Aguilar’s agility & strength became apparent - Ricardo was unable to

connect or even block Aguilar’s strikes and leg kicks. The referee stops the fight quick in the first round

due to uncontested strikes.


Fight 8: This was the first semi-final of the heavyweight tournament. Fight one winner Justin Carbor would

go up against fight two winner BenOrchataBeebe - the winner of this fight would advance to the Final

for the heavyweight tournament. Unfortunately, it was announced that Beebe had suffered an injury during his

first fight and was unable to continue in the tournament. Wow, it was definitely Carbor's day - without

fighting, he was now in the Final with a chance to become King of the Ring.


Fight 9: Chris Denisi vs. Lloyd Marshbanks. This was the second semi-final of the heavyweight

tournament. As the bell ring for the first round, Marshbanks came in for the take down - Marshbanks now

had side mount but was too close to falling out of the ring so the referee stopped them to restart in the

middle of the ring. The referee signaled for them to start fighting but Marshbanks insisted for them to start in

the same position they were in before they were stopped (with all reason). Finally, the referee understood his

plea and they restart in same position in the middle of the ring. Marshbanks on top and was able to get a few

body blows while attempting to a get in full mount. In the struggle for full mount, Marshbanks gets a hold of

Denisi’s leg and heel - Denisi got caught in a heel hook and was unable to get out - forcing him to tap out

late in the first round. Marshbanks will go against a fresh Justin Carbor for the King of the Ring title in the

final of the heavyweight tournament.


Fight 10: (Vale Todo) Raul Alcala vs. Brodie Farber. Shades of Tamsen here with Alcala unable to do

much. Farber dominated the fight with his strikes and ground and pound style of fighting. Referee stops fight

in the first round due to uncontested punches.


Fight 11: (Vale Todo) Akbarh Arreola vs. Lucas Factor. Arreola was defending his welterweight

championship belt against an aggressive Lucas Factor. The first round began and Factor went for the take

down and got it. With Factor now on top, he was able to connect with a few body shots giving Factor the

advantage. Arreola appeared to be in trouble as Factor was trying to pass his guard to get to a full mount

position. Arreola showed his ground skills and stopped Factor - turning the tables, extending his legs - going

for the arm bar. Now Arreola had the arm and didn’t let go - forcing Factor to tap out. Arreola with an

impressive win over Factor in the first round and retains his welterweight championship belt.


Fight 12: (Vale Todo) Ricco Rodriguez defending his super world heavyweight championship belt against

Abdias Toro Irisson. Irisson was first in the ring and I could see the worry in him - by contrast, I could see

the determination in Rodriguez as both men were in the ring. Rodriguez being the more experienced fighter

had no problem defeating Irisson. Rodriguez took Irisson to ground and while on top (not mounted), threw a

couple of strikes that didn’t appear to connect very well (from my point of view). After a few punches from

Rodriguez, Rodriguez didn’t appear to be in a comfortable position (edge of ring) and got up to let his

opponent up. While Irisson attempted to get up, he struggled and was unable to - Holding the side of his

head, it was obvious he didn’t want to continue to fight - the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. Ricco

Rodriguez retains his championship belt by TKO over Abdias Irisson.


Fight 13: The final of the heavyweight tournament for the King of the Ring title - Justin Carbor vs. Lloyd

Marshbanks. Marshbanks entered this fight having fought twice earlier this night and many felt he was at a

disadvantage as this fight would be the first for his opponent. The bell rang for round one and it was a slow

start but Carbor acted first. Carbor threw a left high kick that Marshbanks was able to avoid and at the same

time, take Carbor down to the ground. Marshbanks on top didn’t last long though as Carbor was able to

reverse his position. Carbor now on top and a tired Marshbanks on the bottom - Marshbanks was in trouble.

Carbor landed a BIG elbow to Marshbanks’s face that knocked him out. The referee immediately stepped in -

stopping the fight while the doctor attended to Marshbanks who appeared to be out cold. Carbor became the

King of the Ring with only One fight and One BIG elbow.



                                                               Mari & Ricco Rodriquez              Al &  Jose Flores


Congratulations to all of the fighters. The night was filled with lots of fun and some good fights, all worth

doing over - The fans here in TJ are like no other. There was no bad seat in the house and there was even a

Casino for all of you Gamblers. Special thanks to Ricco Rodriguez for taking the time for a photo and an

interview. Check it out, he had lots to say! Also, special thanks to Jose Flores (MMAX Fights Commentator)

for taking the time for a photo op with our very own Al.


Until Next time,


Fight 1 - Justin Carbor wins by default

Fight 2 - Ben Beebe vs. Gerardo Xochiml

Fight 3 - Chris Denisi vs. Josh Tampsen

Fight 4 - Lloyd Marshbanks vs. Blue Monster

Fight 5 - Gabriel Medina vs. Keneth Alexander

Fight 6 - Yahir Reyes vs. Rick Screeton

Fight 7 - Edwin Aguilar vs. Jimmer Ricardo

Fight 8 - Justin Carbor wins by default

Fight 9 - Lloyd Marshbanks vs. Chris Denisi

Fight 10 - Brodie Farber vs. Raul Alcala

Fight 11 - Akbarh Arreola vs. Lucas Factor

Fight 12 - Ricco Rodriquez vs. Abdias Irisson

Fight 13 - Justin Carbor vs. Lloyd Marshbanks



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