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November 4, 2006

No Limits

1320 Calle Avanzado

San Clemente, California


Mariís Minute

No Limits: Annihilation Recap


On Saturday, November 4th, NO LIMITS held their first MMA event in San Clemente, California. This

successful turnout displayed the skills of 18 great fighters in the presence of an estimated 400 fans.

Scheduled for the event was the first round of an eight-man heavyweight tournament.


Fight 1: Nick Willert (West Coast Ju-Jitsu) defeated Juan Cervantes with an impressive rear naked choke

towards the end of the first round.


Fight 2: Brent Cooper defeated Lucas Taber by TKO - The referee stopped the fight due to uncontested

punches at 2:25 of round three. Cooperís speed overpowered Taber and allowed him to connect mostly

everything he threw. Cooper was in trouble for a second, when Lucas got him with a surprising ankle lock at

the end of the first round - The bell rang and Taber was unable to make Cooper tap out. But overall, Cooper

dominated the fight.


Fight 3: Jesse Taylor defeated Chris Chiasson at 1:28 in round two by TKO - The referee stops the fight

after the Doctor is called into the cage - the Doctor checks Chiassonís nose which appeared to be broken

due to Taylorís uncontested punches. Referee signaled Chiasson unable to continue.


Fight 4: Julian Rush defeated Josh Tamsen by TKO in the first round due to uncontested punches.

Tamsen's attempt at an ankle lock submission backfired as Rush was able to straighten out and stand over

him and pound away. Referee immediately came in & stopped fight.


Fight 5: Gary Padilla defeated Allen Sullivan by TKO in the second round. Both fighters applied their

take down skills affectively. Sullivan got the worse of it when Padilla took him down by flipping him onto the

canvas. As soon as Sullivan hit the ground, I heard his knee snap and Sullivan immediately felt it. He

signaled he couldnít continue and you could see he was in pain. The Doctor rushed into the cage to look at

him and after a few minutes, he was able to stand up and limp away with the help of his corner.


Fight 6 is what I thought was the highlight of the night. Tim Persey vs. Ron Rumpf - The fight ended

quickly. Rumpf didnít see it coming & to be honest, neither did I. Persey came right out and Rumpf got

caught with an elbow that knocked him out cold for a few seconds. Persey wins the fight by way of 

knockout. The crowd favorite ďBig PermĒ Persey didnít disappoint his fans.


Fight 7: David Mejia defeated Kyle York by TKO due to uncontested strikes - The referee stops the fight in

the first round after a power punch took York down & Mejia followed up with more punches.


Fight 8:  Another fight that didnít disappoint was Carlos Quilon vs. George Pelayo. This back & forth battle

had the fans at the edge of their seats. Both warriors countering each others strikes - Quilon connecting a

knee to the body that noticeably hurt Pelayo. In return, Pelayo came back with kicks of his own which

unfortunately lead to a one-point deduction for Pelayo for kicking a downed opponent. But points didnít

matter in this bout since Quilon was able to connect with his power strikes. Quilon defeated Pelayo by TKO

at 2:29 of first round due to uncontested strikes.


Fight 9: The main event saw Kyle Brees go up against King of the Cage veteran Dave Rivas. Brees gave

the ladies something to talk about other than his win - he came into the cage wearing tight, short,

transparent white trunks & wearing them well from a woman's perspective. Brees wins by TKO after the

referee stopped the fight at 1:46 of the first round due to uncontested punches. 


The fans looked pleased with the event as we saw a little of everything. One thing of note though, that I hope

will be looked at for the next event - And that is the sound system. Some attention in this area will make a

good event even better. Congratulations to the first round winners of the heavyweight tournament who are

moving onto the next round (David Mejia, Tim Persey, Gary Padilla & Julian Rush)  - scheduled to be held in

February 2007. We will keep you posted.


Until next time,



Fight 1 - Nick Willert vs. Juan Cervantes

Fight 2 - Brent Cooper vs. Lucas Taber

Fight 3 - Jesse Taylor vs. Chris Chiasson

Fight 4 - Julian Rush vs. Josh Tamsen

Fight 5 - Gary Padilla vs. Allen Sullivan

Fight 6 - Tim Persey vs. Ron Rumpf

Fight 7 - David Mejia vs. Kyle York

Fight 8 - Carlos Quilon vs. George Pelayo

Fight 9 - Kyle Brees vs. David Rivas



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