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"Muay Thai Challenge"

November 13, 2004

16752 Millikan Ave.

Irvine, CA 92606

(949) 251-8822




We'll have a write up of the great event along with a small gallery up by Monday night. We'll be posting

the interviews that we did at the event starting tonight with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.


Once you've clicked on a link - to see the pictures full size, just click on the picture  


Fight 1 - Steve Warfield vs. Matt Uiers

Fight 2 - Josh Robinson vs. Mathew Vackson

Fight 3 - George Amirian vs. David Huerta

Fight 4 - Josh Aragon vs. Phillip Triantafillo

Fight 5 - Erin Webb vs. Giovanna

Fight 6 - Luis Benavides vs. Kevin Totanes

Fight 7 - Stepan Zeytunyan vs. Raul Rodriquez

Fight 8 - Julian Lugo vs. Gary Webber

Fight 9 - Bao Quach vs. Daniel Ullos

Fight 10 - Sean Mitchell vs. Vincent Lupercio

Fight 11 - Boxing Exhibition:

Todd Dekenderin (sp?) and Chris Mooring (sp?)



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