Updated card


July 10,  2005

Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium

Kanagawa, Japan



A few additions and a change have been made to Pancrase's July 10th show - Among them, the number one

ranked heavyweight, Ryuta Noji, has injured his right ankle and will not be able to participate on the show

against the "King of Rock and Rumble" Elvis Sinosic. No opponent has yet been named for Sinosic. Also,

former King of the Cage lightweight champion Thomas Schulte will make his debut in Pancrase against the

number one ranked welterweight Satoru Kitaoka. All Bouts are scheduled for two rounds (five minutes each

round) unless noted.


Line-up so far (not in fight order):

Fight 1 - Pancrase Gate Welterweight Bout - Added

Yokota Kazunori vs. Daigo Ishijima


Fight 2 - Featherweight Bout

Atsushi Yamamoto (Killer Bee) vs. Nobuyuki (RJW)


Fight 3 - Super Heavyweight Bout

4th ranked Alex Roberts (K.J.K./ Justice Management) vs. Masahiro Yamagishi (YMC Nagano)


Fight 4 - Open Weight Bout

Hikaru Sato (Pancrase ism) vs. Seiji Ogura (Pancrase)


Fight 5 - Heavyweight Bout

Yoshiki Takahashi (Pancrase) vs. Yuji Sakuragi (Seikenkaikan)


Fight 6 - Featherweight Bout

Kentaro Imaizumi (SK Absolute)  vs. Hirotaka Miyakawa (Team Alliance)


Fight 7 - Heavyweight Bout - Change

Elvis Sinosic (Machado Jiu-Jitsu) vs. TBA - Ryuta Noji out due to injury


Fight 8 - Super Heavyweight Bout

Tsuyoshi Tamakairiki (Pancrase) vs. Masayuki Kono (Freelance)


Fight 9 - Pancrase Athena 52kg Bout (3 min x 3 Rds) - Added

Windy Tomomi (Pancrase ism) vs. Misaki Takimoto (Debut)


Fight 10 - Welterweight Bout (3 Rds) - Added

# 1 Ranked Satoru Kitaoka (Pancrase ism) vs. Thomas Schulte (Debut)



Card subject to change