Dream Stage Entertainment Victorious in Lawsuit




LOS ANGELES – Dream Stage Entertainment (DSE), promoters of the PRIDE Fighting Championships,

have won an appeal case brought forth by RF Video. 


In 2002, DSE filed suit against Robert Feinstein and RF Video for their ongoing unauthorized copying and

reselling of copyrighted PRIDE FC materials.  A settlement was reached, however, the parties had a dispute

over the settlement agreement.  The dispute went to arbitration with DSE winning the arbitration hearing in

March of 2004. 


On or about May 31, 2005, the California Court of Appeals denied RF Video’s petition to vacate the

arbitration award and granted DSE’s petition to confirm the award.  In the decision on appeal, RF Video has

been ordered to compensate DSE all previous damages awarded in the arbitration along with its costs. 


“The judgment confirms our position,” said DSE President Nobuyuki Sakakibara, “Bootlegging material and

copyright infringement are serious crimes and we’re prepared to go after violators to the full extent of the law

… that means not only those who sell pirated DVDs and videos, but also those who make our materials

available for free downloading on the internet.”   


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- From Dream Stage Entertainment with a little editing from us (color, etc...)