Rage in the Cage
70 Results

8,174 in attendance

Wilson named Fighter of Night with Upset Victory


June 11, 2005

Glendale Arena

9400 W Maryland Ave

Glendale, Arizona

An Arizona record crowd of 8,174 witnessed the new Rage in the Cage. For those who missed this show,

RITC 70 will be broadcast on free TV in Arizona by UPN at 2:30PM starting on Sunday July 19. ISTV.COM

was also on hand taping the show for on demand internet PPV. In the future, ISTV.COM will offer live internet

PPV worldwide of RITC.


Highlights featured Leonard Wilson's upset victory with a perfectly placed kick to the head, GrappleGirl's 16

second TKO win, Gilbert Aldano defending his Super Heavyweight title with his fourth consecutive first

round KO win and Edwin Dewees' triumphant return to RITC. Wilson's stunning victory earned him Fighter

of the Night ( FOTN ) honors. Other candidates for FOTN honors were Dominik Cruz, Nick Hedrick, Joey

Antoniano, Aaron Acero, Richie Hightower, GrappleGirl, Vince Lawler, Jamie Varner, Edwin

Dewees and Gilbert Aldano.


The only disappointment was a no show by the scheduled opponent for UFC veteran Joe Riggs.


Fight 1

Dominik Cruz wins by TKO at 1:26 of the second round over Rosco McCllelan


Fight 2

Nick Hedrick wins a split decision (2-1) over Johnny Saenz


Fight 3

Joey Antoniano wins by submission (choke) at 2:45 of the first round over Mike Gul


Fight 4

Aaron Acero wins by TKO at 1:12 of the third round over Jason Larkin


Fight 5

Richie Hightower wins a unanimous decision (3-0) over Ryan Potter


Fight 6

Michelle "GrappleGirl" Farrow wins by TKO at :16 of the first round over Mystee Blackwood


Fight 7

Vince Lawler wins a unanimous decision (3-0) over Mike Rainieri


Fight 8

Jamie Varner wins by TKO at 2:46 of the first round over Adam Roland


Fight 9 - Main Event

Leonard Wilson wins by knockout at :43 of the first round over Ray Elbe


Fight 10 - Main Event

Edwin Dewees wins by TKO at :49 of the first round over Rich Alten


Fight 11 - Main Event

Gilbert Aldano wins by knockout at :30 of the first round over Melville Calabaca

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