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February 25, 2006

Baby Rock Night Club

Tijuana, Mexico



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This past Saturday Night (at the Baby Rock Night Club in Tijuana, Mexico) saw another Great show put out

by promoter extraordinaire Tony Perez - Reto Maximo VIII had something for everyone - Mixed Martial Arts,

Boxing and Kickboxing \ Muay Thai.


One of the highlights of the four boxing matches on the card saw undefeated super lightweight Pavel

Miranda face Jose Rivera. This fight was quick - Miranda threw only two punches - his second punch was

a body blow that sent Rivera down in pain and hunched over his knees. 23 seconds into the first round, the

fight was over - Miranda improved his record to 8-0-1 with 5 knockouts.


Kickboxers Gabriel Medina and Jorge Luis Rodriguez got the crowd on their feet midway through the

event with their go for broke approach - These two wanted to end the fight early with a knockout and let loose

with the kicks and haymakers. Neither one was able to land the big one and by the end of the first round,

Rodriquez was noticeably favoring one of his legs. At the start of the second round, Rodriquez remained on

his stool and the referee began to count him out - 1...2...3...Rodriquez remained seated as the ref

reached 10 to the dismay of the crowd - Everyone wanted a repeat of the first round. Medina gets the win.


The fight of the night arguably was the first Mixed Martial Arts bout which was the kickoff of the 160 lb.

eight-man tournament. Crown Fighting Championship veteran Adrian Camacho went up against Next

Generation's Mike Corey. Corey was in tremendous shape, keeping pressure on Camacho throughout the

fight - dishing out some hard punishment on Camacho by way of short elbows to the face and shots to the

body. Camacho showed tremendous heart by taking the punishment and countering with submission

attempts - almost locking in a kimura in the first. But Corey was too much on this night and by the start of

the second round, Camacho looked a little winded - Corey just kept up the pressure until he got position and

locked in his own kimura for the win. Corey advances to to the tournament semi-finals in May. Other

tournament opening round winners include Frank Romero, Gilbert Salinas and Jamie Schmidt.


The scheduled 175 lb. eight-man tournament opening round bout between Jimmy Smith (5-0) and

MauriceMo Doom Wilson (8-3) had to be cancelled as promoter Tony Perez explained that

"unfortunately, Wilson was hospitalized in the States after weigh-ins and the match could not be held. Smith

advances to he second round but both fighter’s records remained unchanged."


Reto Maximo VIII had it all - knockouts, submissions and hard fought decisions. So if you're a fan of the fight

game, then you need to be at the next Reto Maximo - you won't be disappointed. would like to thank Mr. Tony Perez and the entire Reto Maximo staff for their Great


Fight 1 - Carlos Morales vs. Adan Lopez

Fight 2 - Eddie Mapula Jr. vs. Raymundo Verdugo

Fight 3 - Juan Carlos Burgos vs. Saul Lopez

Fight 4 - Pavel Miranda vs. Jose Rivera

Fight 5 - Mike Corey v s. Adrian Camacho

Fight 6 - Gabriel Medina vs. Jorge Luis Rodriguez

Fight 7 - Frank Romero vs. Rick Screeton

Fight 8 - Erik Osorio vs. Salvador Leal

Fight 9 - Gilbert Salinas vs. Michael Bunyamanop

Fight 10 - Jamie Schmidt vs. Enrique Cuellar

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