Rumble in the Rockies Recap

By Jason Martinez


May 14, 2005

Colorado State Fair grounds Event Center

Pueblo, Colorado



Recap & Results were submitted on May 21st but due to an error on our part, was not posted until 8/13/05. would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused - especially to

Mr.  Martinez, who does a Great job covering these events.



Rumble in the Rockies Results

Good morning fight fans; Welcome back to another session of, Jason's, Ringside Report. The ever growing

world of Mixed Martial Arts continues right here in my home state with Rumble In The Rockies, at The

Colorado State Fair grounds Event Center, in Pueblo, Colorado. On Saturday, May 14th. 2005, Tommy G.

Productions, and Top Promoter/Match maker, Sven "Boogie" Bean, put together a stunning card which

consisted of five amateur, and five professional bouts, each respectively grouped, four MMA, and one, K-1

rule stand up fight. I apologize for not being able to account for school's and/or states of residence. In the

future, I hope that leniency will be granted to media; Therefore allowing access to interviews, and/or vital

information essential to the growth of our sport. With this said, take into account lack of photographs, and

audio coverage of this event.


The action began with a fight team that has become a staple of the Colorado fight scene. Colorado Springs,

Kongo Do representative, Danny Arona made his way to the ring to take on Pueblo native, David Favela.

Scheduled for three, three minute rounds at 165 lbs., Danny charges into a heavy right hand; Able to clinch,

Danny commits to a belly to belly. David, able to switch momentum, lands on top of Danny, and quickly

adjusts to side control. From side, he attains mount, and at :35 sec., the ref steps in to call an end to the

bout. Plagued with injuries, I find The Brother's Arona (Danny, and his brother Sammy) to be consistent

players in the amateur scene. Look for both to be on a Colorado fight card coming soon to a venue near



Our second fight, and second of five Kongo Do fighters on the card, "Vicious" Vinny Cano, stepped in to

face Logan Noll at 158 pounds. Textbook legs, allow Logan to trap Vinny's ankle, taking Vinny down to his

guard. A reversal has Vinny landing hammer fists from the top. A common mistake, over extension of the

arm, and Logan secures the victory with an arm bar at 1:16 of the first round. Congratulations to Logan, as

Vinny seem to land some dazing blows. Logan weathered the storm, and finished with precision.


Third fight, Richard Kemp (Fit NHB, NM.) and Mike Alirez (Greely, Co.) continued the Mixed Martial Arts

action. Mike attempts two take downs landing good head and body shots in between. To no avail, it is Kemp

that finally takes it to the mat. Mike is able to slide out the back, and reverse guard, but again we see the

fighter leave his arm out too long as Richard locks in an arm bar at 2:28 sec. of the first round.


Fourth fight, 3rd. Kongo Do man, "Bad Ass" Billy Dixson, faced off with Josh Mastin. Billy looks for the

shot twice, all the while trading blows with Josh. Measuring Billy's shot, Josh reverse to land in Billy's guard,

hopping directly into mount. Josh lands good shots, but Billy is able to fend off his adversary till the end of

the round.


2nd. round Billy shoots, but exhaustion sets in, and at :55 sec. the fight is ended by Josh grounding and

pounding out the victory.


Our fifth, and final amateur contest, was K-1 rules stand up. Jason Blanscet out of The Defense Institute in

Colorado Springs took on Matt Priest (Fit NHB) at 160 pounds. Jason connects first with an outer thigh kick,

followed with a right jab. Matt answers with a straight, left right into a clinch. The ref splits the fighters, with

Matt advancing, Jason throws the leg kick, followed by a body shot before the clinch. Matt works the body

till the ref steps in for the split. Matt gets off first with his own leg kick followed with the push kick. Another

exchange of combos, and the bell is sounded for the round.


Round 2, Jason works the legs as Matt is able to catch good body blows before, and within the clinch. Matt

scores with nice knees from a Muay Thai clinch. Jason throws combo into a clinch, landing a few knees

before the round ends.


Matt is able to secure three 30/27 votes, as he steadies his pace, and starts to land multiple combos in the

final round. Jason is gassed, but does find some good counters. Jason lasts the round but still does not have

enough to win the fight.


After an intermission, MMA action continued with a professional round time of 2, five minute rounds, and a

possible three minute overtime. This fight scheduled for 135 pounds brought Mike Adams (Team Lethal),

and Richard Hess (Denver) to the squared circle. Richard shoots with a beautiful double leg into a pickup

slam. Mike pulls guard, then attempts an arm bar. Richard is able to escape; The ref stands the fighters up

due to lack of action. Mike lands a solid right hand before Richard takes him down with a single leg. Mike is

quick to attempt the arm bar. Richard evades the tap out, but ends up on his back. Mike starts to throw

punches, but at 3:53 of the 1st. Richard Hess secures the tap out with a nice triangle choke.


Thomas Schulte (Cornered by Fit NHB), and Jason Sallee (Texas) were next to enter the ring. We see an

exchange of leg kicks, followed by a lightning quick shoot from Schulte. Just as quick, Schulte leaps out of

Jason's guard, and is in side mount. Jason attempts to reverse position, but Schulte is one step ahead as he

takes his opponents back. In :47 sec. Schulte sinks in the rear naked choke for the tap.


Team Lethals Justin Kretzer came to the ring ready to rumble, as he took on undefeated fighter, Donnie

Liles, from Kongo Do Fight Team. This stare down was so intense, Wanderlia Silva would have been



From the bell, Liles rushes in taking Justin off his feet with a double. Justin immediately transitions, locking

in a scary looking arm bar. Liles lifts the locked out body of Justin chest high, and slams him "Rampage

Jackson" style to the mat. Again, Liles looks for the slam. Justin, still locked, realizes he is about to get

spiked on his head, and abandons his submission. From here on Liles out works for side control, then to full

mount. Justin verbally submits due to strikes from the mount.


The Co Main Event was a stand up war between Carlo Prater (Cornered by Eric Lalone from The Defense

Institute and Sven Bean), against Terris James. I was conducting interviews through this fight, so I did not

get play by play. Terris won a unanimous decision, 30/27 on all three Judge's score cards.


The Main Event, pitted Matt Knaub (Fit NHB) to battle Chilo Gonzales from Kongo Do Fight Team. This

fight was originally scheduled for Ring Of Fire 16: April, 9th. 2005 but was canceled at the last minute. Thank

the MMA gods for that cancellation, making it possible for us to see this fight here! The bell sounds, and

Chilo looks to kick Matt's head into the stands. Seeing the telegraphed kick, Matt easily gets the single leg

take down; Chilo's momentum carries him over Matt, but he can not free his leg. Matt gets Chilo on his

back, Chilo pulls guard. Both fight for position, no one landing any leather. Finding his balance, Chilo

elevates, and reverses, ending in side control. Knee to Belly, and Chilo Is mounted. Reigning down heavy

blows, Matt has no choice but to give his back. 1:10 sec. is the official time as Matt Taps out to a rear

naked Choke.


I would like to thank Tommy G. For the opportunity to cover his event. I want to give props to two teams who

came from out of State with multiple fighters for this card. Fit NHB, out of New Mexico is a team that is no

stranger to Flaming Yang Productions. Sven has used Fit NHB competitors for the # 1 Professional show of

the Rocky Mountain region, Ring Of Fire, and it's amateur feeder show, Battle quest. Second, from what

their shirts read - "Team Lethal, Tap or Snap!" - hailed from Iowa. Always a strong foundation for wrestling,

Iowa's, Team Lethal were so impressive, they were invited to have fighters in the next Ring Of Fire, Douglas

County Event Center, June 2005.


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