August 20, 2005

Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium

Kanagawa, Japan



Class A bouts are three rounds (five minutes each round) while Class B bouts are two rounds (five minutes

each round). Records are from Shooto and reflect Shooto participation (i.e. a record of 0-0 would mark the

debut of a fighter in Shooto).


Line-up so far translated from Sportsnavi:

Fight 1 - Class A Welterweight Bout

4th ranked Mitsuhiro Ishida (7-2-1) vs. 5th ranked Takashi Nakakura (6-1)


Fight 2 - Class B 2005 Rookie Tournament Semi-Final Lightweight Bout

Kyoutarou Nakao  vs. Nishioka Yutuka


Also Expected to participate:

- Hayato "Mach" Sakurai (Former Shooto Middleweight Champion\ PRIDE Bushido veteran)

- Rumina Sato (Shooto Pacific Rim Lightweight Champion)




Card subject to change