SportFight 15 "Tribute"

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Photos and Story by Greg Peterson \ Greg's Photography Inc.


April 8, 2006

Rose Garden

Portland, Oregon


- Special Thanks go out to Mr. Matt Lindland & Mr. Greg Peterson for the following recap & photographs:


Shutlz is Victorious and Wilson is the Featherweight Champion


It's been said that Randy Couture is one of the greatest fighters of all time. Saturday night in Portland,

Oregon his fans came by the thousands to show their support of him and his incredible career. SportFight 15

was titled "Tribute" and highlighted Randy's many life accomplishments during a special presentation. As the

big screen showed footage from previous fights and many opponents, the fans continually acknowledged that

he is their favorite! Randy himself seemed a little shocked by so many different opponents. Matt Lindland

presented him with some tokens of appreciation in the ring that included a trip to Mexico. The respect

between these teammates is enormous and that's why they can co-promote a high quality event like



As a fighter, when the night has been titled "Tribute" and your fighting in front of Randy Couture, do you bring

it? Of course you do and that is just what the fighters did. The first fight of the night placed Grey Manard

from Las Vegas, representing Team Couture, against Eugene, Oregon's Evan D.. Manard pushed the fight

with takedowns and strikes, forcing Evan to mostly defend himself through the first two rounds. In the third

round Evan landed some knees but according to the judges decision Manard, with Team Couture, won the



Fight number two was a Team Quest win with John Krohn over Xience Training fighter Chris Trammel.

Both fighters continued to push the action but the judges awarded Krohn with the unanimous decision.


Former SportFight Champion, Dennis "The Piranha" Davis, demonstrated his refined skills against Dave

Padilla from Hawaii. Davis immediately shot for the takedown and started working through the guard of

Padilla. Padilla tried to reverse the action, but The Piranha fought back and cinched a guillotine choke in

just 27 seconds of the first round.


UFC fighter Jeremy Horn was in the corner for the Elite Performance fighter, Brandon "The Murderer"

Melendez from Salt Lake City, Utah. Pat "The Bat" Healy didn't seem to care about Melendez's corner

power and came out ready to fight. The two fighters exchanged knees and strikes throughout the first round.

Healy managed to secure a rear naked choke forcing Melendez to tap-out at 2:56 of round two.


The co-main event faced Team Quest Ryan "The Lion" Shultz against Dave Cochran from Decatur,

Illinois. Shultz landed some serious leg kicks and strikes. Cochran responded with some kicks too but

Shultz continued to control the fight. Shultz pushed the fight to the corner, did some Randy Couture

Ground-n-Pound, and then cinched a very tight rear naked choke, leaving Cochran with no choice but to

tap-out at 3:42 of round one. Shultz once again secures a Team Quest Victory!


The most anticipated fight of the night was Loveland vs. Wilson. This main event would end with a new

SportFight Featherweight Champion. Both fighters were hungry for the belt and have fought in several

previous SportFights. The fans have been talking about this match-up for a long time. Once the action got

underway, everyone knew this was the fight of the night. These two exchanged punches, kicks, and

takedowns, with Loveland landing a high knee to the head. Wilson continued to work and almost secured an

arm bar on Loveland. These two constantly pushed the action with several submission attempts throughout

round one. Both fighters continued to fight hard but, round two ended with a rear naked choke at 2:57 and

crowned Enoch Wilson as the new Sportfight Featherweight Champion. This Tigard, Oregon OJJ student now

has a 11-4 record and a shiny belt to prove he is the Champ. During his interview, Wilson went on to praise

Matt Lindland and Randy Couture for giving him this opportunity.


Now with SportFight 15 in the books, what's next? Saturday June 24, 2006 Lindland & Couture take their

production to the Wild Horse Casino in Pendleton, Oregon for SportFight 16 "High Stakes". Two weeks later

they bring it all back home to the Rose Garden Arena for a July 8th Sportfight 17 "Independence". As always

log on to or for complete SportFight results.


Krohn vs. Trammel

Davis vs. Padilla

Healy vs. Melendez

Reality Show Ultimate Fighter

Matt Lindland & Randy Couture

Schultz vs. Cochran

Loveland vs. Wilson

Loveland vs. Wilson

Enoch Wilson


- Photographs and Review courtesy of Mr. Matt Lindland (SportFight) \ Greg Peterson (Greg's Photography)