SportFight 14: Resolution - Huge Success

Recap \ Gallery

by Greg Peterson \ Greg's Photography


January 6, 2006

Rose Garden

One Center Court, Suite 150

Portland, Oregon 97227



- Special Thanks go out to Mr. Matt Lindland & Mr. Greg Peterson for the following:


There is nothing left unresolved about Friday night's SportFight 14 Resolution. This show was definitely one

of the most exciting SportFights yet. With seven out of 10 fights ending in the first round, the action was fast

paced and decisive. Every competitor gave everything they had to give, when they entered the ring.


Matt Lindland and Randy Couture have once again shown why SportFight is quickly becoming one of the

most recognized mixed martial arts productions in the business. Of course, having some incredible talent

coming from their club Team Quest, helps too.


To start the night off, Eli Peterson and Carl Lawler gave the crowd an introduction for what was ahead.

Peterson passed Lawler's guard and unleashed unanswered punches causing the referee to stop the fight at

2:17 of the second round.


In the second fight of the night, Team Quest's Ed Nuno showed how he got his nickname "Bam Bam," by

knocking out Tommy Truex in 14 seconds flat.


After the crowd calmed and a short intermission, Enouch "The Animal" Wilson let his opponent Dave

Cochran know that arm bars really do hurt. In the first round Cochran landed some heavy hits, but Enouch

got the takedown, added some ground and pound, then cinched an arm bar for the tap out win at 1:01.


The fourth fight featured a US Marine named Brian Stann from Atlanta, Georgia, against Team Quest's

Aaron Stark. Stark controlled the first half of the round, but after receiving several punches from Stann, the

referee stopped the fight at 3:14 of the first round.


One of the feature fights of the night was between two well known fighters from The Ultimate Fighter

television show, Alex Schoenauer vs. Lodune Sincade. Alex opened the fight with lots of punching that

led to a takedown. He then tried for a choke on Sincade, but Sincade escaped and secured a choke of his

own. Alex was left no choice but to tap out at 3:40 of round one.


The sixth fight was quick and decisive when one of Team Quest's favorite fighters, Ian Loveland, let the

gloves fly on Anthony Hamlett. Punches followed by a high kick led into a takedown and a rear naked

choke to end the fight in one minute.


This quick action fight was followed by an "ICE COLD" knock out of Brian Foster. Kyacey "Ice Cold"

Uscola, from Salt Lake City, Utah came out of his corner punching and didn't stop until he got the KO in only

24 seconds.


The heavyweight fight of the night was Delon Williams vs. Carlos Garcia. Williams started off with a great

kick to Garcia, and then began landing punches straight through Garcia's guard. He continued by throwing

Garcia into the ropes, landing solid punches and kicks to the legs. However, Garcia weathered the storm and

made it to the second round where he landed some kicks and caught Williams in a choke to get the tap out

at 53 seconds of round two.


The co-main event had the challenger John Gunderson facing SportFight Lightweight Champion Cam Ward

in a battle that would go the distance. The only fight of the night to go all three rounds featured exchanges of

punches, takedowns, and submission attempts through all 15 minutes of the fight. In the end John

Gunderson out powered Cam Ward and unanimously won the judges decision to become the new SportFight

Lightweight Champion.


Team Quest held the spotlight for the Main Event. SportFight Champion and Team Quest prodigy, Chris

Wilson defended his title against the Challenger Pat Healy for the Welterweight Title. Healy caught Wilson

with a punch in their first exchange, but Wilson never let him get away with that again. At 1:30 of round one,

Chris Wilson landed a knee right on Pat Healy's chin, that left unable to continue due to a knock out. Wilson

remains the SportFight Welterweight Champion and when asked in the ring about future opponents he said

"I'm here, I'm not going anywhere.......Come and get it!"


So what's next for Matt Lindland and Randy Couture's SportFight? Another Proving Ground Series is

scheduled at the Mt. Hood Community College in March and then back to the Rose Garden Arena in

Portland, Oregon April 8, 2006. For tickets log on to


Nuno vs. Truex

Wilson vs. Cochran

Loveland vs. Hamlett

Sincaid vs. Schoenauer

Gunderson vs. Ward

John Gunderson

Wilson vs. Healy

Wilson vs. Healy

Chris Wilson


- Photographs and Review courtesy of Mr. Matt Lindland (SportFight) \ Greg Peterson (Greg's Photography)